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Sometimes I have noticed I have started hearing things

Resolved Question:

Sometimes I have noticed I have started hearing things wrong. I hear at normal levels, but I seem to be quite often projecting what I am thinking about all the time anyway onto what I think other people are saying. So, for instance, if I am thinking about the number fifteen a lot, I will read in to what I think I hear them saying as "it's a nice day, why don't you go for a fifteen?" that sort of thing. Is this all just a sign of working too hard? Do I need to get medical attention? Is miss hearing things fairly normal? Or at least not a sign that I am going mad? I play a lot of guitar so my hearing is a bit different to other peoples. I know that.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. Rossi replied 4 years ago.
You're not going mad since you're reporting that you misunderstand what someone is saying rather than hearing voices.
This situation would need medical attention. Different factors can play a role in why this may be occurring ex: tinnitus, fatigue, being easily distracted/attention span, depression, decrease in hearing, etc.
If you're thinking about something while conversing with another, it is not uncommon to follow your own train of thought rather than what the other person is saying. Hence, you believe that you heard them talking about something that relates or sounds like what was on your mind.
When you're at home, try to notice if it happens when you're watching TV or listening to the radio. You can even record what is being said and then listen to it afterwords to see where the misunderstanding took place and what was going on at that time with your cognition.
If you live with someone, ask them if they've noticed that you're responding to them to something they did not actually ask (as though you misheard what the question was) It is quite possible that this relates to a medical condition.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thanks. I have noticed that more than once on the web people have replied to what I have written with something like "who are you talking to?" and I have suddenly realised I did not really know. I do miss hear things on film and dvd which I have been able to confirm to myself with a dvd recently by watching it reapeatedly. Intellectually when it happens I am always completely convinced I must have heard the word of the sentance wrong, because I have realised the missunderstood word is always something I was working on or at the back of my mind, but I have always been a bit too nervous to confide that in anybody unless they thought I had gone mad. Now I know it is not an uncommon condition I might consider mentioning it to another Dr sometime. Thanks.
Expert:  Dr. Rossi replied 4 years ago.
You welcome!