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Dr. Vikas
Dr. Vikas, Psychiatrist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 2253
Experience:  MBBS ; M.D Psychiatry, MS. Health Informatics
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I want to talk to emdr theripest or pschatrist about

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i want to talk to emdr theripest or pschatrist about dissoiaction i prefer chat
Dr Vikas : Hello
Dr Vikas : are you there?
Customer: hi
Customer: i need to tell you something mr
Customer: we talked before
Customer: as i think
Dr Vikas : yes, I remember
Customer: i cant remember
Customer: do you know all storie?
Dr Vikas : would you like to chat with me or prefer a different psychiatrist this time?
Customer: story
Customer: no
Customer: you
Dr Vikas : I remember whole of it.
Customer: no iwant you
Customer: i couldnt find you that time
Customer: it is ok
Customer: ok
Dr Vikas : OK, thanks.
Customer: i want to ask you something
Customer: very urgent
Dr Vikas : please go ahead
Customer: and important
Customer: yes
Customer: ok
Customer: usuelly when i am in dissoiation
Customer: and get out it
Customer: like today
Customer: i cant remember
Customer: things in dissoiation
Customer: or ican remember
Customer: but i feel it is not real
Customer: i feel we never spoke
Customer: and i dont know you
Customer: but i act like i know
Customer: because i know it did happend
Customer: but i was not in balanced
Customer: you know that?
Customer: it like dream
Customer: i feel it is not true
Dr Vikas : well, first I would like to know what exactly you mean by the term dissociation.
Dr Vikas : is it possible for you to define it in your own words
Customer: ok
Customer: dissoaction
Customer: i dont feel
Customer: like dead
Customer: i feel like am inside myslef
Customer: or out body
Customer: i feel like i am protected inside
Customer: so
Customer: whenever that gone
Customer: the period
Customer: or people i meet
Customer: i dont know
Customer: anything about them
Customer: but i know that these things happend
Customer: and i can remember it
Customer: but my feeling tell me not!
Dr Vikas : OK, see, there is term know as Depersonalization which is characterized by alteration in the perception of the self. Patients may feel that they are mechanical, in a dream, or detached from their bodies although patients realize the unreality of the symptoms.
Dr Vikas : are you experiencing the same.
Customer: no
Customer: it is dissoition
Customer: it is dissoiation identity
Customer: as 4 drs said
Dr Vikas : let me explain further.
Customer: and am sure of it
Dr Vikas : In depersonalization, parts of the body or the entire physical ebing may seem foreign, as may mental operations like thinking and accustomed behavior. Sometimes patients may feel that that the point of consciousness is outside their bodies.
Dr Vikas : you are sure that this is not happening to you.
Customer: yes
Customer: it is dissoiation
Customer: i cant feel at all
Customer: depersonliztion
Customer: you still feel
Customer: of danger
Customer: of love
Customer: sex
Customer: but dissoiation
Customer: nothing
Customer: you feel!
Customer: but i didnt start my topic yet
Dr Vikas : ok
Customer: so i am very suree about my case
Customer: it was dissoiation identity
Customer: i didnt take right midctions
Customer: i saw pschatrist
Customer: here in canada
Customer: but me in zoloft
Customer: and today
Customer: i wake up
Customer: but i have the same problem again
Customer: i feel confused
Customer: how i get here!!
Customer: when i come from jordan
Customer: i was very dissoiated
Customer: so the problem
Customer: is
Customer: i get out dissoiation
Customer: but i cant connect myself
Customer: to jordan
Customer: i feel very scared
Customer: because my body telling me it is either jordan not real or canada not real
Customer: because i cant remember when i came here?
Customer: i know i came
Customer: but i never had such problem
Customer: my qestion is
Dr Vikas : your symptoms are suggestive of Dissociative amnesia.
Customer: ok
Customer: i dont care about the name
Customer: as far as it is dissoiation
Dr Vikas : You were asking your question.
Customer: ok
Customer: so usully
Customer: if it is person
Customer: my body tell me
Customer: that i dont know him
Customer: i feel that
Customer: like you and me
Customer: i feel this is our first time
Customer: so it is not big deal
Customer: but about a place
Customer: i cant change it
Customer: or neglect it
Customer: except leave it
Customer: before 2 month
Customer: i get out dissoiation
Customer: i tried
Customer: my body tell me
Customer: that this place is not real
Customer: i had problem
Customer: i enterd hospital
Customer: i start shouting
Customer: because
Customer: i never wake up
Customer: of a part of dissoiation
Customer: my body tried to neglect that
Customer: bet he couldnt
Customer: i had to fly home back
Customer: and then come back here agai n
Customer: but when i went there
Customer: i enter dissoiation again
Customer: so today
Customer: i feel
Customer: scared
Customer: my qestion is
Customer: can body accept that
Customer: if someone was dissoiated
Customer: then travel
Customer: and get out dissoiation
Customer: what happend?
Customer: because last thing for him was in his countrie
Customer: before dissoition
Customer: the mind didnt make the journy!!
Dr Vikas : See, the symptoms of dissociative amnesia usually terminate abruptly and recovery is generally complete in most case which is good news for you.
Customer: so take your time to answer me please
Customer: yes but it is not dissoiated amnesia
Customer: it is dissoiated identity
Dr Vikas : in your case simple antianaxiety medicines like Benozdiazepine can help in in recover the forgotten memories.
Customer: DID
Customer: PLEASE
Customer: it is not dissoiated amnesia
Customer: it is dissoiated identity disorder
Dr Vikas : Dissociated identity disorder is diagnosed when a patient is having two or more distinct personalities, each of which determine behavior and attitude during any period in which it is dominant.
Customer: yes
Dr Vikas : you are not having two different identities are you?
Dr Vikas : how?
Dr Vikas : can you explain please.
Customer: or more
Customer: 2 identites
Customer: i dont know my theripest said it is DID
Customer: i feel
Customer: i have 2 identity
Customer: but both
Customer: i can remember
Customer: but the behviour change
Dr Vikas : just wait,
Dr Vikas : I am giving you few links, just go through them first please
Customer: ok
Dr Vikas : Dissociative Identity Disorder (Multiple Personality Disorder)
Dr Vikas :
Dr Vikas : please go through this link, then we can discuss further later on again.
Dr Vikas : take your time.
Dr Vikas : is that OK with you
Customer: ok
Customer: am sure about dissoition
Dr Vikas : one more link
Dr Vikas :
Customer: but am not sure about type
Dr Vikas : I agree that dissociation disorder is there
Dr Vikas : you just go through these links once
Dr Vikas : we can discuss further again.
Customer: ok did and dissoiated amneisa not the same\?
Dr Vikas : no
Dr Vikas : they are not same.
Customer: realy i dont know
Customer: but am sure it is dissoiation
Dr Vikas :
Customer: and it is like laptop
Customer: have 2 windos
Dr Vikas :
Customer: you alwyas can accses other
Customer: windows!
Dr Vikas : see, let us first be clear about the disorder because the treatment part may differ
Customer: ok
Customer: 1 minute
Dr Vikas : the last two links are regarding dissociative amnesia.
Dr Vikas : no, please take your time
Dr Vikas : we will discuss again after few hours so that you can go through these links properly.
Dr Vikas : right now, a simple benzodiazepine like prescribed by your doctor can be helpful in recovering your memories in my view.
Dr Vikas : you can ask your doctor to prescribe you clonazepam or Lorazepam and that can help in controlling your current symptoms.
Customer: oooh
Customer: i think something wrong
Customer: i cant be did
Customer: because i remember everything
Customer: but i feel it is not real
Customer: thats what i feel
Customer: lol
Customer: maybe both
Customer: but you are right
Customer: maybe it is dissoiation amnesia
Customer: but what i can say
Customer: that whenever i get out dissoiation
Dr Vikas : see, amnesia refers to loss of memory.
Dr Vikas : there is another term Derealization
Customer: ok
Customer: but what i know
Customer: when i am dissoiated.and then get out it everything happend that time or i did ifeel it wasnt me and it wasnt real.i feel it is familer
Customer: like
Customer: i feel we never meet
Customer: not with me
Customer: i feel that
Customer: but i know everything about our meeting!
Dr Vikas : Derealization is the perception of external world as strange and unreal.
Customer: but i feel it is not real
Dr Vikas : which is probably what you are experiencing in my view.
Customer: ok
Customer: the point
Customer: is usully
Customer: you know the point
Dr Vikas : these all will come under dissociation disorder no doubt
Customer: ok
Customer: but
Customer: what should i do?
Customer: i feel canada is not real
Dr Vikas : which medicines you are taking currently?
Customer: am taking the right midctions
Customer: now
Customer: zoloft 200
Dr Vikas : /
Customer: and
Dr Vikas : /
Customer: i cant remeber comeing here!!
Dr Vikas : only Zoloft?
Customer: no remeeron as well
Customer: when i take rivotril
Customer: i can start remembering
Customer: it is binzo
Customer: as xanax
Dr Vikas : OK, as I mentioned before, a benzodiazepine like Clonazepam or Lorazepam or Alprazolam can be very helpful for your current symptoms. YOu need not to worry too much now as these symptoms are usually fluctuating and you will remember everything very soon.
Customer: it is very effective
Dr Vikas : yes, Rivotril can be very useful in your current symptom
Customer: no but this not the problem
Customer: i dont care about remembering
Customer: my body want to get back home
Dr Vikas : you can also discuss with your doctor about trying Hypnosis.
Customer: yes
Customer: but
Customer: until now i didnt get an answer
Customer: if someone
Dr Vikas : what exactly you want to know,
Dr Vikas : about medicine
Dr Vikas : or something else
Customer: no
Customer: is it possible
Customer: that i stay here
Customer: or no way
Customer: because i feel it is impossible
Dr Vikas : you were also diagnosed as suffering from PTSD?
Customer: if brain didnt travle
Customer: all the way
Dr Vikas : And your home place triggers the PTSD symptoms right?
Customer: and suddnly find himslef
Customer: in another countrie
Dr Vikas : even thinking about it triggers the PTSD symptoms.
Customer: yes right
Customer: yes but i want to know
Customer: if it is possible or not
Dr Vikas : it is possible in dissociative amnesia.
Dr Vikas : let me complete please
Customer: and confused
Customer: and i need to understand
Customer: because i am very scared
Customer: sorry
Dr Vikas : The key symptom of dissociative amnesia it the patients inability to recall information, usually traumatic or stressful.
Dr Vikas : however person retain the capacity to learn new information.
Dr Vikas : the onset of amnesia is almost abrupt and patients are usually aware that they have lost their memories. Some patients get upset by their memory loss.
Dr Vikas : the memory loss can be of several type, the most common type is localized memory loss that is the loss of memory for the event of a short time that is few hours to few days.
Dr Vikas : so you are concerned about this memory loss or it is something else?
Customer: yes
Dr Vikas : ?
Customer: i am looking for these memmory
Customer: i cant get it
Dr Vikas : you need not to worry about it as I mentioned earlier.
Customer: but i feel the place is not real
Customer: this is what make me nerovus
Customer: and scared
Dr Vikas : Hypnosis can be helpful in this and so can be medicines like Rivotril which can help in recovering the lost memory.
Customer: because there is a part inside me want to go out
Customer: but cant
Dr Vikas : That is probably Derealization which will also respond to Benzodiazepine
Dr Vikas : like Rivotril
Dr Vikas : just don't panic
Customer: but
Customer: i feel
Customer: this is jordan
Customer: by brain
Customer: is saying that
Customer: so he feel better
Customer: otherwise i feel i will losse my mind
Customer: i want to stay here
Dr Vikas : I can understand your situation.
Customer: because it is not logicily that
Customer: i cant go and come back
Customer: it is not a agme
Customer: game!
Dr Vikas : again we will start discussing about the possible diagnosis. Are you interested in that or interested in knowing about the treatment for this.
Customer: no
Customer: you said
Customer: that about dissoiated amnesia
Customer: what about did
Customer: ?
Dr Vikas : this is not DID
Customer: which i think it is did
Customer: because my theripest in canada
Customer: says that
Customer: she is very good
Dr Vikas : OK, in that case, you just go through the links I gave above to have a better understanding of your problem.
Dr Vikas : a patient may have multiple diagnosis
Customer: i know it
Customer: but i need to know
Customer: what will happend
Dr Vikas : I guess, I should opt out from this question and let other expert try to help you.
Customer: why
Customer: you are very good!!
Dr Vikas : thanks
Dr Vikas : but I guess we are not on the same page. I don't think that the symptoms you are mentioning will come under DID
Customer: and my dr told me i have dissoiated fugue
Dr Vikas : You are insisting on DI
Dr Vikas : DID
Customer: yes
Customer: because my dr said so
Dr Vikas : :)
Customer: :-)
Dr Vikas : although, I am also a M.D in Psychiatry
Customer: ok
Dr Vikas : but I guess, your doctor is more correct
Dr Vikas : so I am opting out
Customer: ok
Dr Vikas : and will let other expert help you
Customer: ok thank you very very much
Dr Vikas : welcome
Customer: am wating other excpert
Dr. Vikas and 2 other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you