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Dr. Keane
Dr. Keane, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 1768
Experience:  Clinical Psychology PhD, Licensed Professional Counselor with experience in marriage/family, teens and child psychology.
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Dear Dr. Keane, (live chat)This suddenly popped into my

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Dear Dr. Keane, (live chat)This suddenly popped into my mind, and this is something I think I’ve probably known for quite a long time as a nice result of your teachings (always feel I learn something really good from you) but hadn’t thought about it quite like this: thoughts can be either productive, such as working out how, when, where to do or say something or unproductive such as those that just go round in the mind not achieving anything except angst or negativity. What are your thoughts on this please? I was also thinking about risks and about empathy. I am also applying for another couple of positions, really exciting posts. I very much hope we manage to chat again as I would really like to talk about what my thoughts are, they are nice thoughts, and to get your take. Hope we can catch up, I know it’s often a challenge to be online at the same time, but I know it does happen at times, which is always good. Thank you for the progress up-date you gave me, it’s helpful and encouraging. I have been reading Call the Midwife. It is good and I like the way the chapters are split. I haven’t finished it yet, just got round to reading it recently, but so far so good.
Dr.Keane : Hi
Customer: hope you are having a good week.
Dr.Keane : When the thoughts race in your mind that are not productive, you know the negatives, I call that "traffic" and like "traffic" it needs to be re-routed, hence one of the reasons positive self talk is such a good technique.
Dr.Keane : Hi, fast week, busy but fine
Customer: that's a good way of describing it.
Customer: Glad your week is going fine.
Dr.Keane : Well, going round and round is not really getting anywhere !! Hows the job search going?
Customer: It was just something that went through my mind briefly one day.
Customer: Well I am in the middle of applying for 2
Customer: I really hope I get one of them because they contain so much that I know from experience that I can do.
Customer: so I was quite excited about seeing them.
Dr.Keane : Good, it will happen, just have to stick with it and hope for the best.
Customer: indeed, well trying to "stick with it" anyway.
Dr.Keane : I know it's easy to be discouraged but the job market is picking up, at least here it is, just not the abundance of opportunities as there use to be and it seems that employers want more and more from employees. Way of the world today.
Customer: about empathy, that came to mind because I was saying something to someone and then after I thought to myself about the way I word things has changed a bit, for the better, perhaps because I understand so much more. I've always seen myself as being good at empathising and sympathising, it was just I reckon I did it better.
Customer: I think the job market is picking up a little bit here too, or so we keep being told on the news. I suppose in someways it is, but so much is only very short term contracts at the moment with fewer permanent posts.
Dr.Keane : Called learning, you did a lot of self reflection and this is the result, kudos.
Customer: thank you!
Customer: more down to you really and how you put things :)
Dr.Keane : Same here, a lot of short term no frills
Customer: Yes employers definitely want more and more out of employees so they don't need to employ so many people anymore.
Dr.Keane : it's all about the way you interpret and reframe your thoughts
Customer: you can take some credit for yourself :)
Dr.Keane : About taking the time without over thinking to interpret what is said and done
Customer: Have you watched Mr Selfrige yet?
Dr.Keane : I will take credit , thank you, ***** ***** willing student to "get it" though!!!
Customer: thank you, ***** ***** like being your student actually :)
Dr.Keane : I did start but it wasn't my cup of tea, I found him annoying, don't have much time for TV so I pick and choose what interests me. Midwives is so well written, I enjoy that.
Customer: I didn't watch all of it either. We had a better drama that was so similar and better done.
Customer: I am reading Midwives. Quite good so far, but not had too much time to read much.
Dr.Keane : I do watch a movie now and then also, just saw Cloud Atlas, not sure if it's available where you are but I enjoyed it very much.
Customer: It is available or at least I think it is, or must be soon.
Customer: I have not seen that yet, perhaps I'll check it out. Looked intriguing.
Dr.Keane : I think you might enjoy it, it makes you think about human race!
Customer: I will let you know when I find it and get time to watch it what I think of it. Thanks for the recommendation.
Dr.Keane : You are welcome
Dr.Keane : What did you want to discuss regarding "risks"?
Customer: I am so sorry, this is so embarrassing, but I cannot remember now. I am really hoping that it will come back to me because it was important to me.
Customer: It's been such a busy full-on week.
Dr.Keane : Not a problem, I am sure you'll think of it again, probably right after this chat ends...usually the way.
Dr.Keane : I have a busy week myself and know how easily this can happen.
Customer: probably. I'll hopefully get back to you, although probably won't be until next week now about that.
Customer: thank you for understanding
Dr.Keane : Ok, I have to get back to work. I hope you have a nice weekend.
Customer: I will and I hope you do too. Thanks for talking.
Dr.Keane : Talk to you soon. If you think of what you wanted to talk about jot it down!!! lol
Customer: lol
Customer: I will.
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