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Penny Rayas, MFT
Penny Rayas, MFT, Therapist
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I have a healthy, happy, social 8 year old son who attends

Customer Question

I have a healthy, happy, social 8 year old son who attends 3rd grade. Academically he has never been too strong. He seems to be smart, and likely because he is very social and a great conversationalist with adults. However when it comes time to study, get organized or prioritize homework, it turns into the great battle.
He often has had memory issues, never yet being able to share the names of all the kids in his classroom. Or when reading a story with an character with an unusual name, often forgets it half way into the story. In addition, if he is dong story problems in math, that say have several components to the question (ie: 1. cross out the parts of the story that are not needed to solve the problem. 2. circle the key factors to solve the problem.....) he will answer the actual math problem, but really struggle or leave blank those supporting questions.
He has been pulled out of class for extra help, however one on one with the teacher - she feels that he can perform at grade level, and by no means the lowest in the class. He does however, score the lowest during the on-line testing that the school does.
After looking at online questions regarding ADHD, I was almost convinced that was his problem. Thus, our first visit with a Psycholgist.
His approach was to to a QEEG so that we would have certain understanding what was happening with the brain, and possible treatment without medication.
I was provided the results, which concluded that he does not have ADHD. I am providing his results below. I am wondering if you feel that the approach of brain wave therapy makes sense? Although we are only a few sessions into his treatment, I wonder how it will translate to his actual learning. He more easily gets focused when doing video games... that's part of the problem. He would rather do that than math story problems or reading a chapter book any day. He has been getting therapy for over a month now, and just not seeing any improvement.
I have more detail on the results if needed, just trying to determine if this is the best path for me to take.
Thanks for any suggestions or guidance that you can offer.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Penny Rayas, MFT replied 4 years ago.

Hello there, did your son's school psychologist test your son for learning disabilities? Often smart children with learning disabilities are not diagnosed until 3rd or 4rd grade. A learning disability means that you son has normal or above normal ability to learn but his brain learns in a different way than other students. Maybe he is a visual learner. I am not sure that the symptoms you are talking about are not ADHD, children with ADHD are often not diagnosed with the ADHD is mixed as opposed to just hyperactive symptoms.

I think a school psychologist can give you a better diagnosis than a psychiatrist.

Your son needs to be observed at his school and in your home.

I have to say that I work with many children his age but never seen this test used. Do you know if they used any other tests like to Coners? Did you have to fill out any of the test questions yourself? Did the teacher was ask to fill out an obervation questionere? Some how something is missing from the test.

Expert:  Penny Rayas, MFT replied 4 years ago.

Hello there, I wrote more about the test that the psychiatrist gave to your son, but it disappeared. Now about the test that the psychiatrist gave to your son is a new test and it is used to find in your son has ADHD or learning disabilities.The test is based on neurofeedback theory and help map the brain activity in the brain. The method that they will use to help your son self -regulate his emotions and feel calm and relaxed and create emotional coherence. I use one of the methods that is called heartmath. The theory is that if the person is anxious the brains goes on overload and the person does not have the energy or brain power to learn.

By teaching him how to relax his mind and body he will use less of his brain power and learn and remember more.