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My daughter discovered a file of pictures of teen girls on

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My daughter discovered a file of pictures of teen girls on her husbands computer, none of a sexual nature in any way. He cannot explain why he has them, he says that they do not excite him and finds it disgusting that someone would molest young girls. Is he a pedophile? He has never touched my daughters girls...He says he wants to find out why he's kept the pictures.
Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.
It is certainly unusual for a grown man with a family to be keeping pictures of teen girls on his computer. And his explanation does not make any sense. People do not do things and not know why. So either he is being deceptive and lying to your daughter or he knows why and he is not willing to face the truth and deal with it.
There is not enough information yet to know if he is a pedophile especially since he chose to avoid talking about why he has these pictures. While it is not a good sign that he has these pictures, it may mean that he is only turned on in some way by them and may not feel the urge to sexually molest a child. Some people can find the idea of having pictures alright but also find molestation wrong. Or it could be that he has gone further with his feelings and has either molested someone or has thought about doing it. Either way, this issue needs addressed immediately.
It is a good idea for your daughter to talk to her children to be sure that there is nothing going on. It is also important that she has her children see their doctor and by a therapist. While you do not want to alarm the children, their safety is paramount until more information is known about what is going on with your daughter's husband. She can find a therapist by asking her children's doctor for a referral.
Also, it is vital that your daughter and her husband get into therapy. This can be with a Master's level or Ph.D. therapist. Have your daughter talk to her doctor about a referral. Or she can search on line at
You may also want to talk to your daughter about having her husband live in other housing arrangements until this is worked out. It is not ideal to have them separate but until this is worked out the children's safety need to be put first.
I hope this has helped you and your daughter,
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