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Penny Rayas, MFT
Penny Rayas, MFT, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 395
Experience:  I have 20 years experience in the mental health field
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I have been married fo 9 yrs is my married ging to work out

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hello,I have been married fo 9 yrs is my married ging to work out
pennyrayasMFT :

Hello there I would like to know abit more about your 9 year old marriage. Are you thinking of walking away?

Elliott, LPCC, NCC :

Seeking expert counseling is a sign of strength. A personal relationship with a caring professional is proven clinically effective.

Elliott, LPCC, NCC :

Dear Penny,

Elliott, LPCC, NCC :

I believe that I can help.

Elliott, LPCC, NCC :

Please describe your current relationship with your husband: the good and the bad. I shall get back to you. You are currently offline but I will come back and continue with you when you return and provide some more detail.

Elliott, LPCC, NCC :

I shall be happy to help.


I have chatted on him and he knows all about it happen around are 2006 but i have not done anything send then.I feel he is seeing someone behard my back.can u tell me if he is we have three girls at home and two boys that are foster kids so can u help me out.

pennyrayasMFT :

dear custumer this the origional person who answer your question. I am a psychotherapist with 20 years of experience. Let me make sure I understand your question

pennyrayasMFT :

you have chatted with who? Your husband what happened in 2006? you mean your husband has been cheating on you? What makes you think that he is cheating on you?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I chatted on my husband in 2006.because he was never at we keep froster kids in r home and he tells me that i dont love him.but i do .and i feel like he is seeing someone behard my back if so i would like to no can u help me.he goes to the store a lot more than he used too.i just feel like something is going on.

Thanks for letting me know about your marriatal problems. Does you husband know that you cheated on him? It looks like the trust between the two of you is gone. Ask him what he means when he says " YOU don't love me" Ask him what does he need to feel love and have a conversation with him and tell him what you need to feel loved also. Bless you for taking care of foster children but that can take a lot of energy. Have you forgot how to date each other and have fun? What did you do when you started to date? You have to recapture this magick. You need to have dates with your husband and you need to reconnect. Tell him that you love him and tell him what you need to feel loved. Ask him what he needs for feeling loved. You will be surprised what love means to him. He probably does not know how to love you. I suggest couples therapy. Do you have medical? or insurance?

I think you did something right because you are toghter 9 years, you have to find the things that made you fall in love with each other in the first place and see eithother as loves not mom and dad.

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