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I have an inquiry regarding acquiring time off work due to

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I have an inquiry regarding acquiring time off work due to extreme stress from the workplace. I was diagnosed with axis II anti social disorder when I was in the marine corps, I'm no psychologist, nor do I fully understand myself at times. What I do know is I've dealt with my rage problems over the years and for the most part been consistent in keeping my anger in check. I always feel it, I just now can control when I let it out.
I work at a big car dealership as a salesman, sales to me has helped me conform my mind to properly socialize with people in general; but the stress following hunting down customers, and consistently dealing with management coming down on me with the hammer for a multitude of miscellaneous issues.
I'm not really looking to ramble too much on here, what I'm looking to find out is it possible to get time off of work, suggest 1-3 weeks to relieve stress and get my head straight before I can't control myself? I like my job which is why I just don't quit, but also just going to my managers and telling them I want to take a couple weeks off etc doesn't sound to me like any employer would give the thumbs up without a professionals opinion(doctor/psychologist) to keep my job.
I appreciate the help in advance, I really feel like a ball of hatred and shambles lately, advice is welcomed!

Hello Chadd and thanks for asking JA. Most states have different laws about disability. The person that can put you on disability in California is your Primary Doctor. Make an appointment to she him or her and she will give you an assessment or refer you to a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist or your doctor can put you on disability and you can notify your job that you will be on disability. If you feel that this is a psychiatric emergency please go to the emergency room you will get help right away.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I don't have a primary doctor I currently visit, what kind of doctor should I search for, or rather any doctor? I reside in Illinois currently, are the rules the same? I'm trying to understand the whole disability part, I know folks go on disability for physical injuries which gives the doctor an ideaon how long to keep the patient on disability. How can the doctor gauge how long to keep a psychological case on disability before it's considered ok to work again?

I know I have a lot of questions I just need to know what I'm attempting is all.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

When you get a moment could you please address my latest questions?

Thank you.

Hello there, I would have to say that you need to see a doctor first. The doctor can put you on disability. The primary doctor will refer you to a psychiatrist. I think you can visit a clinic for those who are low income to start the process. Yes psychiatic disabilities are included in the Disability insurance. You can apply for state disability but a doctor will have to sign your paperwork. I think a psychiatric emergency clinic can also see you and sign your psychiatic disability paperwork. They can also give you some treatment to improve your symptoms. I wonder if you work has EAP therapy services. I think the faster you start the easier it will be to start a paper trail.