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medtech254, Nurse
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 1081
Experience:  Nurse with with 10 yrs + in wellness care, geriatrics, hospice, mental health and acute care.
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I would like to ask you about my personality and thinking

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I would like to ask you about my personality and thinking process.
I did badly in school all the way up to 12 yrs old. After which i started to become very hardworking and got myself into a good university.I suspect that i am a late boomer. I used to think that i am very dumb and was so called "comfirmed" by people around. At the age of 20 i begin to become smarter( which was told my many people even lecturers and doctors)
Am i consider as late boomer or its just pure hardwork that train me to what i am today. Sometimes I get very emotion about weirdest things around the world. Like i will think of many possible outcome and see many unrealistic details of many trivial things in my everyday life. and I always like to think ahead of my friends and make sure that they are not harming me. If I believe that they are, I can become very violent and agitated.
I suspect tht im a very sensitive person, like killing insects and helping people is what i always do.
I like to give than take.
medtech254 :

It sounds like you have a lot of anxiety related to the way you were treated in your early years and this is continuing today. This would cause you to over analyze things as well as get upset over minor problems or if you perceived that a friend may be trying to harm you (which would not make them a friend at all...)

medtech254 :

As to intelligence we are all born with a genetic limit as to what we can achieve. However, 99% of people never reach this limit due to lack of motivation, lack of formal educational opportunities, etc. You have become smarter because you are studying hard and learning new concepts that allow you to learn even more. You are curious which makes you want to learn and in doing so your intelligence increases. We all grow both physically and mentally as we grow older.

medtech254 :

I hope I have explained to your satisfaction. If you are happy please rate great service. If you need additional information I would be happy to assist you further.

Customer: I requested for detailed explanation. that's something I know already. Sorry.
medtech254 :

Is there a reason why you rated before the chat ended? This is not the way the chat is normally done. Your initial question was more of a general statement and not a specific question. I gave you some general information due to this. If you will advise what exactly is your question I will be able to better assist you.

medtech254 :

You asked "Am i consider as late boomer or its just pure hardwork that train me to what i am today." and that is the question I addressed in my reply. There were no other actual question in the statement. If you can clarify I would be happy to assist further.

medtech254 :

Were you able to read my reply?

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