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Dr. R. Bora
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I'm in my late 50's. I have ptsd from childhood and physical

Customer Question

. I'm in my late 50's. I have ptsd from childhood sexual and physical childhood abuse. Most of the memories of those abuses were suppressed until I was 45. Then all hell broke loose. I had never told anyone about the abuse and one night I had a little too much to drink and told my best friend. Telling it open a Pandora box that I can't close. I have tried suicide three times and was on a ventilator for days and should of died then. But I hsve failed three times. My therapist of ten years sent me to a clinic in Houston for my addition with xanax.and suicidal tendency. I spent six weeks in this total nut house and gave them nothing. I wouldn't share my nightmare. I just couldn't. I lied and said nothing happen and I didn't have ptsd. They said yes you do have ptsd and sent me to lecture classes all day long. I was locked up... afraid to tell what was going on for fear that I would be locked up for life. I've been seeing a new therapies for a year this Easter. I'm still not getting any better. I'm so isolated it causes depression. I was once very extroverted and the life of the party and now I just hide and hurt. Last week I found out my 32year old son has cancer. After the operation he will need six months of chemotherapy. Its a six hour drive to his house and he sure could use my help. But most the time I just set unable to go places anymore. Just the grocery store is unbearable. I want to help him. I want to be thete for him and help with the three young children. But the children trigger me and reminds me of when I was that age..... I am of no use to anybody and to not beable to help I jyst wish I was dead. I can't function. I hate me. My sons need me. But I feel helpless. My story is complex and very private. I'm the wife of a preacher and that not working rewell. I have to hide so much. I want to be there for my three sons and their families but I'm stuck. I need help. Private help. Would be willing to pay for someone to help me but it would have to stay private. I physically hurt and I'm failing my son.

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Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. R. Bora replied 4 years ago.
Hello and welcome, I am happy to help you today.

PTSD is a complex condition and requires an admixture of medications and psychotherapy for treatment. However, therapy is highly individualized because symptoms and pre disposing factors differ in every person suffering from PTSD.

So, you will have to be in touch with a therapist continuously who has been seeing you for a long time. In the meanwhile, you could try out some prescription anti depressant drugs which are FDA approved for PTSD like zoloft and paxil. If you have not been treated with any of these drugs, you could talk to your psychiatrist and get a prescription for one of them.
They may help control PTSD symptoms such as sadness, worry, anger, and feeling numb inside. Taking these medications may make it easier to go through psychotherapy.

If you have any further question, I would be happy to help you.

I hope my answer has helped you.

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