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I am forgetful occassionally but Im going to be 50 in Oct

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I am forgetful occassionally but I'm going to be 50 in Oct and I figure it's the "age" thing. This is really bothering me though. I've been looking for a job because I got fired for the first time in my life. At interviews, I blank out and can't think of an answer. I can't think of past stories to answer their questions.
Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.

It could be that you are experiencing the symptoms of menopause. Even if you have not had many other symptoms, loss of memory can be a common one. You may want to check with your doctor to have a blood test done to check your levels of hormones. That might provide an answer for you.

Other possible causes of memory loss are stress, lack of adequate blood flow to the brain and natural deterioration due to the aging process.

There is a big difference between dementia related memory loss and age related memory loss. Here are some differences:

Age related

Forgetting where you left things you use on a regular basis, such as keys

Forgetting an appointment once in a while

Walking into a room and forgetting why you entered

Forgetting something you just read or parts of a conversation

You are easily distracted

Not as easily able to retrieve information you have on the tip of your tongue

Dementia related

Can't preform simple tasks that you once did like dressing or washing yourself

Unable to follow directions

Get lost on familiar routes you used to know well

Repeating phrases or not being able to use words correctly

It may help you to take a professional portfolio with you to interviews to write down some of the things you are forgetting. You can just jot down key words or write it out. That way, you have something to go by.

Also, practice verbally and through writing down your past stories and interview questions. Sometimes when you cannot remember, it helps to practice with hearing, sight and sound so your brain can absorb the information better.

I hope this has helped you,

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Kate, I'm pretty sure it is because of menopause. I haven't had my hormones checked. I always get confused on this. If I'm done having periods, does that mean I'm done with menopause?

Thanks for the suggestions. I sit here and look at the most common interview questions and I can't even think of answers! I might have to talk to someone that I know to help bring things back.

It's frustrating when I can't think of a word or what I was doing but this is really frustrating when I just draw a complete blank!

I think the doctors go more by your hormone levels than your symptoms. Every woman experiences different symptoms and it can be hard to tell when your cycle is over completely or when it is going to come back. The hormone tests can explain where you are with the process.

It is very frustrating, I know. You know that the knowledge is there, but you just can retrieve it. You will most likely not have this issue for long if you are almost through menopause. It's just a matter of finding out what memory retrieval system works for you so you can recall the information during your interviews. It can help to know that you are not alone with this issue, though. It is very common.


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