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I am having problem with my son behavior in the school,he is

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my name is Fouad
i am having problem with my son behavior in the school,he is loosing most of his friends because of his neural reactions.he is 14 years old ,and he becomes very nervous once his friends teasing him ,he becomes nervous and becomes very aggressive .
we had many calls from his teachers complaining that he is always fighting with the boys in the school almost every day now.
I dont know what to do as a father . i thought if i can send him to a special school where they can help him how to become patient towards those boys who are teasing him, a school which is special in giving examples by creating stories and theory examples in front of him and teach him how he should react.
as summer is approaching , i think that it will a good opportunity to take him to such schools which i do not know if there is any.
please help me
thank you

Hello Fouad, I'd like to help you with your question.

It sounds like your son might be experiencing self esteem issues and when he is teased, he is not sure how to respond so he becomes angry to defend himself. That, combined with the trials of being a teenager, may be what is fueling your son's anger and nervousness.

While sending him to a special school might help, it may also single him out with his friends. Modeling behavior, which is what you are describing with the special school, may help him know how to react but it would not solve the basis of his behavior.

Another option might be to hire a therapist and/or behavioral specialist to work with your son. He needs to get to the root of why he is lashing out at other boys in school and why he has difficult controlling his behavior. Once he solves why he feels as he does he can learn new ways to handle his feelings.

To find a therapist and/or behavioral specialist, talk to your son's doctor about a referral. Or you can search on line at:

Here are some other resources that might help you with your son:

With some therapy and work at home, your son should improve in school and be able to handle his feelings in better ways.

I hope this has helped you,

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi Kate

Thank you for the answer,

I thought to take him to Therapist , I dont know ,but i thought there might be some schools in the United kingdom ,United states or even Switzerland for this kind of behaviors since we will go for summer vacations to one of these places .

I am sure that there are schools who are specialized in treating teens who have such behavior by giving examples how to react,self confident,self dependent and off corse in addition to some other entertainments .

I thought may be you can help me with finding such schools specially in europe ,as we more likely will be traveling there

so would you think that this will work , I mean by finding intensive behavior teaching schools ?

Thank you very much


You're welcome.
Here is information about behavioral schools that can help:
Any of these schools could help your son. Focus on finding one that is theraputic so he gets the treatment that would help him.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you Kate

Did you have any experience with any of these references that you sent to me ?I will of course contact them to see if they will meet our worries.

specially for the summer time

thank you any way


You are very welcome!
I do not have direct experience with the schools. But if you let them know your son's needs, they can tell you if they can meet them.
Please don't forget to rate my service as OK or higher so I am credited for my answer. Thanks so much!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok Kate , I will rate the service now , as a service but i really wanted some one to choose the right school rather than me as my language related to this subject is not as good as yours specially when talking to such special school, i will be more than happy to wait till i get the answer relating to school choice even if it takes few days.

I will press excellent

Thank you


I will do some more research and get back to you as soon as possible.
TherapistMarryAnn and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
I did research into these schools and they seem like the best for your son's situation. The one that stands out to me is this one:
Eagle Ranch Academy
115 West***** George, UT 84770
Admissions Info:(###) ###-####(###) ###-####- Fax
They would address his needs and give him the confidence he lacks to help him deal with his feelings about the other boys at school.
Here are alternative schools in case there are any problems getting him into the one I recommended:
Eagleton School
(Residential Treatment Center)
Gender: Boys Only Phone:(###) ###-####
Ages: 9-22
Grades: K-12 Fax:(###) ###-####
Enrollment: 70 Email:***@******.***
Duration: 15 months Website:
Founded: 1977
Admission Contact: ***** *****
Great Barrington, ME 01230 Executive Contact: Bruce Bona
Ashcreek Ranch Academy
(Residential Treatment Center)
Gender: Boys Only Phone:(###) ###-####
Ages: 14-17
Grades: 9-12 Fax:(###) ###-####
Enrollment: 24 Email:***@******.***
Duration: 10 months Website:
Founded: 2012
Admission Contact: Darren L. Prince
Address: PO Box 39
Toquerville, UT 84774 Executive Contact: Tammy P. Behrmann
Thank you very much for the positive rating and bonus. I appreciate it.
My best to you and your son,