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What kind of effects can be caused by the "spice" drug on

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What kind of effects can be caused by the "spice" drug on someone who has PTSD from serving in Afghanistan?
Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.
The effects of the Spice drug on a person depends very much on their own body chemistry. Each person reacts to any drug they take in different ways. However, the drug Spice does have a stronger effect on those with pre existing conditions, such as PTSD and can aggravate the symptoms already being experienced by the person taking it.
Spice is a synthetic drug of mixed herbs and chemicals made to mimic marijuana. It is not approved for consumption by humans and is considered dangerous due to the unknown effects on the brain and other possible results of ingesting the drug.
Because it is unclear how it affects the brain, there can be unpredictable results if someone uses the drug. The main component of Spice is the same psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana which can bind to brain receptors and lead to very strong physical and emotional reactions.
Due to the type of drug Spice is, it enhances and possibly magnifies previous symptoms. For example, if someone already is experiencing PTSD symptoms, using Spice can dramatically increase the symptoms and cause the user to act out or become ill. Spice has been known to increase blood pressure, cause hallucinations and agitation. In someone who already has symptoms of PTSD including agitation, using Spice can overwhelm their system and endanger the person's emotional well being and even their life.
I hope this has helped you,
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.


Is "spice" an addictive(mental/physical) drug as well? He has been smoking for around 3 years and has excessive anxiety problems. Unless he has some type of anti-anxiety meds and or smokes, he is unable to sleep and has projectile vomiting. Supposedly he does not smoke weed because it hurts his throat. Can someone develop psychotic behavior from this? What is the best treatment for this dependency? He has started to see someone for therapy at the VA for the PTSD.

I may have more questions later. Thanks for your help.

it can be. Users experience withdrawal symptoms when they try to quit. The anxiety problems could definitely be connected to his use as well. Projectile vomiting could be a symptom because of the unknown effects of the drug on individuals but it could also be a symptom of a physical issue as well. He needs to see his doctor as soon as he can.
He could develop psychotic behavior. The drug is known to cause hallucinations which is a symptom of psychosis.
He needs to be screened by his doctor first then he needs to be referred to detox so he can be weaned off the drug. Treatment will not be effective otherwise.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have already rated you as excellent. I may have an additonal question or two for you on this topic. Thanks for your help so far.

You're welcome!