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Dr. Kaushik
Dr. Kaushik, Psychiatrist
Category: Mental Health
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Should I expect no emotional display from my husband whose

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Should I expect no emotional display from my husband whose only been 30 dys. sober and says that he learning that he has to rebuild or get that back--his emotions are not there. I'm thinking show some feelings, otherwise I feel you don't care or want to work on the marriage. Is it too much for them to handle?

Hi there,


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Well i can understand that you are feeling overwhelmed by the lack of his emotional expression especially in situations which necessary demand his emotional involvement and empathy so what you are asking is a very valid and justified question,


But having said that i will like to tell you that your husband at the moment is going through a really tough and testing time of keeping himself sober and at this juncture any sort of emotional / psychological stress on him will derail him from his path to achieve sobriety thereby pushing him into a state of regression and making his efforts go in vain which invariably will dent his self confidence and self esteem and even depression may seep through and surround him , therefore pushing the thought of becoming sober to a far off corner.


So what i am trying to imply here is that it is too early for him to show emotional involvement / expression and demanding this from him at this point will vanquish his efforts to become sober. So please do not burden him as yet with your expectations in this regard, he will definitely come around with a new found emotional side but that will take time so ( few weeks to months ) , so just let him have his time to recuperate and refrain yourself from adding any sort of pressure / stress by asking him for displaying emotions.


I hope this helps you to see the bigger picture and final goal to achieve.


Wish you and your husband all the best and i pray for his speedy recovery.


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