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my grandson is 20 years old but immiture.he has become a loaner,

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my grandson is 20 years old but immiture.he has become a loaner, shows signs of depression and has spoken of taking his own life. his parents both work and are afraid to
leave his sisters alone with him.He gets violent and damages the home , refusus to be with or help the family.he also refuses to see anyone for help. will not answer to my self or his grandmother.the how do we force help on him?
Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.

If your grandson is violent or threatens any one in any way (even if he throws something while others are nearby for example) or he verbally threatens violence, you can have your grandson 302'd. A 302 is a legal document that is filed against someone who is in danger of hurting themselves or someone else. Even if there is a threat of violence, you can file the 302.

To file a 302, you can either contact the police or you can go to your local ER and file, even without your grandson (recommended). The police will then be sent to bring your grandson in and the ER doctor will do a full evaluation to determine if your grandson needs admitted. If he is, then they will commit him up to 72 hours against his will. He will get treatment and medication if needed. Then he will be directed to follow up with an appointment they make for him at a treatment center on an outpatient basis.

The only catch to the 302 is that the person who witnesses or hears the violence or threat must be the one to file. So if your child comes to you and says "My son said such and such to me" you cannot be the one to file. They have to file themselves.

I hope this has helped you,

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My best to you and your family,

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

What I wanted most to know is how to force help on my grandson.

You gave me that answer

Now I must convince his parents to use this method

I am truly afraid, he has no respect for his father and mother

It can be difficult to convince upset or frightened parents to take action. If you talking to them does not work, you may want to suggest they call their local ER and talk to them just for information. Or you can have them talk to your grandson's family doctor. Sometimes if someone will not listen to a family member, they will listen to a professional. And as always, if you feel your grandson is any threat whatsoever, contact the police. They have the power to control him and file a 302 or assist your family in doing so.


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