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I have PTSD and MDD from a very abusive childhood and have

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I have PTSD and MDD from a very abusive childhood and have been working with a psychiatrist for 3 years. Last session he asked me to seriously consider having the sesion videotapped for supervision purposes. He has also stated in the last two session that "we have been working together a long time" and this week he said "we been working together too long because we are like an old married couple knowing what the other is going to say". When we started I had asked him to give me a warning if he felt he may not continue to see me because I haven't had good experience with therapist in the past. I thinking he is giving me my warning. My questions are 1. is it routine to have a session videotapped for suprevision, He has been in practice for 4 years. 2. do psychiatrist have a limited time period they will work with a patient.
Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.
It is very unusual to have a videotape done of a counseling session. One of the most important ethical rules of therapy is your privacy and making sure it is strictly maintained. To have a tape of you out there even with your permission could have consequences that you do not want. The psychiatrist is never allowed to tape you without your permission (it is illegal) and to ask you is compromising your therapy.
Secondly, there is no time limit on how many sessions you can have with a therapist. It depends very much on your issues, how resistant you are to therapy, how much you work on recovery and how effective therapy is (i.e. how well trained and effective your therapist is). Many people lack the supports they need to help them through their problems so therapy is a great alternative. And you can always stop for a while and go back if needed. To put a limit on when you are done is not needed and may even be harmful if you feel you still need to work on your issues.
I hope this has helped you,
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