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I need help analysing the behavior of a convicted child

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i need help analysing the behavior of a convicted child molester that befreinded me He does handyman work for my company. I do not want to be wrong about the behavior I have wittnessed because everyone adore this man. He claims he is innocent of the crime .He claim his wife set hm up to take his money, property and business but he spent 15 years behind bars . I researched his case after he refused to stop having a relationship with 4 small children that lives next door to him. He claims he wants to help the children and serve as a father figure because the 4 year old lost her father He has nicked named all the kids a 3 year girl a 4 or 5 year old girl a 10 year boy and a 6 month old baby . The mother is a single uneducated waiting for Section 8 housing I have seen the 4 year old in his lap with her head lying across his lap and the 3 year old in hs arm pit. I have seen the 3 year old walk into his apartment alone . I questioned him about this and he said they like to look at his pig collection becaused they have no toys . I saw the children in his apartment coloring and having dinner Before these kids moved in he gave money to other girls to help him with a small chore that lives in the neighborhood . He seem to have a good heart but he also told me about his personality before he was incarcerated . In which he stated that he beat people up for looking at him wrong , He beat up his wife's lover in public and shot up their truck . And he told me that when he lost his Habas case he told the female Judge that when he got out he was going to kill everything that came out of her rotten p____y . This appaulded me therefore I have been checking the living situation of the children and told him to stay away from them because 1 it against his probation . He keeps seeing the kids anyway . He seems to be adamant the he does not have to follow his probation rules if he can get away with it and hide behide others. That includes me . We are no longer frinds because of the things I have wttnessed and the unwanted advise i have given him in regards ***** ***** children . If he were truely innocent why would he fixate and try to befriend small children . What do you think
Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.
This man sounds like he is dangerous based on the information you provided. The number of alarming behaviors you have listed just in the post alone are worth attention. For one, a normal person that does not want to hurt children would stay far away from his neighbor's children, especially after being convicted for child abuse. Two, he is denying there is any problem. If there was not, then he would not need to be near the children. The excuse that they come and see his collection does not ring true. A person who was not intent on hurting those children would keep a respectful distance regardless of whether or not the children have any toys. Their lack of toys is not his concern. And if he was so bothered by it, he could purchase a gift card and give it to their mother, keeping far away from the children.
And the fact that he admits to threatening a judge by saying he will hurt her children also tells a lot about how he views kids. Threatening to hurt children means he does not see them as off limits. And threatening a judge is no light thing. That is taken very seriously. If he is brushing it off that he has threatened her, then he sees no problem with his behavior or anything he does. In other words, he seems to lack the appropriate morals and boundaries.
It would be a good idea to distance yourself from this man as much as possible. You may also want to consult with legal authorities about the possibility of reporting what you heard regarding the children. It does not seem anyone is looking out for them and if they continue to see this man, they could be hurt and badly. Protect yourself but if you want, do what you can to find out what you can do to help the children.
I hope this has helped you,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have been so depressed behind all I have seen heard and read I am so stupid for beleiving that this person could possibly be innocent and in need of help . He is now great friends with the owner of the company and his wife which is from another country .They make great profits from his work in their community. I going to have to leave my job because he has completely manipulated them as he manipulated me with his sob story of marital betrayal a its worst. I tried to review the actual case on line but it happened in 1995 . I found the Habas case which was based on ineffective counsel . He was appointed a public defender and the courts did make 2 errors by over sentencing him for deposit fraud and the child cruelty charge should have merged with the molestaion charge. He orginally pled guilty to 3 counts of Child molesation and 3 counts of cruelty to children along with other charges . When he came to the office that day i confornted him with he information. He said his wife withdrew all of his money which caused his checks to bounce. I ask why he pled guilty if he was innocent . He said that his counsel told him that if it went to trail he could get life imprisionment . If it had been me and I were innocent I would have let it go to trial. He sad it was a small own and he was doomed. Now i am thinking. He told me he had a Mastered degree in car engineering and he owned a shop in the town , had friends and at that time his wife worked for a doctor . Now I am thinking that if he is a sucessful businessman in the town why would not one family member of friend try to help him at least with his defense . The evidence had to be overwhelming . In 2000 the habas court did remedy the sentencing errors on the deposit fraud sentencings but would not allow him to vacate the guilty plea for the 3 counts of Child molestation . He served the full 15 years and he cannot reopen the case. He told me he had a attorney trying to reopen the case but he had no money to persue it . How guliable am I . He had also given me his real name because they misspelled his last name during processing he explained whn I ask him for copy of his DL in order to drive the company truck . He told me he lodt the liscence in a strip club when he got out and cannot get a new one until they jail system corrects his name which will match his birthname . I thought maybe he is telling the truth innocent people are sometimes wronglr accused and serve the most time . That is why I have been researching before I leave the company

It certainly sounds like he is lying and manipulating. And it may be a good idea to leave your job if you are going to have to be near him and the owners are buying into his story.
If the situation has caused you undue stress, you may want to look into counseling. You can also seek counsel (of the employment kind) at the EEOC. They can be located at They can tell you your rights in the situation.
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