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Can you please explain the psychology behind how advertising

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Can you please explain the psychology behind how advertising can seem sometimes to put a person in a trance? For example, one can demonstrate 50+ good reasons to someone why it would be foolish to donate to a certain organization and that they are a scam, but just because of a picture, person, or logo from an advertisement, the person will still donate to that organization. Thank you for your assistance.
Hello and thank you for the request.

Advertising is usually researched heavily before it is put out to the public. It is created so it appeals in just the right way that a person feels they must have that product or service. Advertisers do this by:

1. Researching the area they are advertising in. The ads that work in California would not work as well in New York. A rural ad compared to an urban one is also different. Hitting the right target audience therefore is well researched.

2. The advertisers appeal to our "need" to have something. Even if it is a product or service you have never heard of, the advertising is geared to give you the message that you absolutely need the product/service.

3. The ad appeals to your emotions. The Super Bowl advertising is an example of this. The Super Bowl is exciting and fun so they ads appeal to the audience wanting to have fun. They are about parties, beer and funny things.

4. The commercials are fast moving and involve a lot of color and action. This is meant to keep your attention and provide entertainment. If you have ever noticed how hard it is to look away, that is why. That may be the "trace" like feeling you described.

5. Commercials are made to be played at a higher volume level so they get your attention and hold it. It is just enough of an increase that you may not notice, but it helps hold your attention.

6. The advertisers appeal to your desire to be more than you are. So if you buy this product, you will be more popular, more cared about or more famous. That is hard to resist for most people.

I hope this has helped you,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Would you say the same exact things about internet advertsing? Would you say anything different at all about internet advertising? Thank you.

It probably has to be geared towards the type of people that would pay attention to it (those that use the internet), but other than that, it is still trying to reach people and their desires and wants, and they rarely change in what they need. Plus internet is a new form of advertising so it may still be trying to find it's niche.

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Thank you very much for the positive rating and generous bonus! I appreciate it.

Take care,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Your welcome. You take care too.

Thanks :)

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