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Steven Olsen
Steven Olsen, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 1765
Experience:  More than twenty years of expertise in counseling, psychological diagnosis and education
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For olsen. your mom should only need 2 weeks of pt and she

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. hi for steve olsen hi steve. your mom should only need 2 weeks of pt and she should be d/cd from the snf. youll have plenty of days left for the surgery recovery. 100 days is alot. i decided that im going to say oh yeah peter said hed fix my schedule and i told our new manager meredith that he said he would. peter seems to be on auto pilot, and forgets what is said / done. i mean he did tell me like 2 weeks ago - i only returne for 2 weeks now, and he said the sun mon tue schedule was ok. now the 3rd week its not? i mean come on. and i never look at the schedule b/c i have a set schedule. his schedule is short every night and i counted so it should be fine to switch me. this new mgr meredith seems nice. she gave me my yearly evaluation- i was kind of surprised since she only met me last week. and last time i returned from maternity leave i got my evaluation also at my old job. i was going to ask if i needed a rep (im not kidding) so i sai dok and went.. she said on the way peter did them she read them but shes just handing them out. i sat down an read it - it only said that i met expectations. not one that exceeds. i read the comments and it says "Elizabeth has shown a steady positive progression in her nursing skills. our goal for 2012 was to progress these nursing skills so that she wil be able to care for acute patients which has been placed on hold until sh returned from maternity leave. our goal for 2013 is to continue where we suspended our 2012 goals and progress liz to the acute care districts and triage." now maybe you can put your finger on it, but i am kinda underwhelmed by the wording of this eval. and i def dont like the mentioning of the the maternity leave. i dont think its necessary to even mention it. my dad said it wasnt a big deal, but it bugged me. i asked for a copy and meredith said oh id have to ask peter if i can and i said oh i always get them. he gave it to me last yr... so she said oh ok, and made me a copy. she asked what i did with it and i pulled out my old joke from last year (sometimes you have to dust them off..) and said oh i hang it on then fridge with my kids artwork.. and she laughed (i do this to camoflauge and distract..) we went back out and she called for terri to get evaluated and i teased terri and told her that id be her rep and she was like thx ur the best.. she went and came back and complained bitterly how she just met expecattaions. i said yeah you an di had this conversation last yr. she said oh yeah. i said did you get a copy of your eval? she said no. i said you shud always take a copy. she said why/ i said in case theres a write up or a n employment have them. she said liz youre so smart... i said yeah sure.. meanwhile she was triage so she wasnt busy and she came over to help me she got a iv pump, amnd said shell start aheparin drip for me. its a double sign, but ill admit we dont look often. well its a good thing i looked b/c terri was setting i up and she set the pump for 3 times the dose. she said i need 25mls.. i said no you dont its a 1 to 1 concentration. you need 8ml. 25ml is like unheard of for this drip and im thinking is she confusng it with a protonix drip which is a 8mg drip at 25ml..? i make her change the drip and she says ok.. i ask another nurse and she said no youre right liz.. and im like oh f**k. geez. i mean she was going to hang it and i was going to trust her and look i wouldve been written up. and the pt wouldve been overdosed. and shes critical care certified. and im... nothing. just nothing. so ive been trying to set up dr b with dr r. he told me he lieks her.. but he thinks shes too preppy.. so i decide to feel her out.. well she thinks dr a is cute ( my god..) so i say oh.. she then tells me but she knows he slept with a female attending there. and im like what?! she tells me the name and i dont know who she is. and im like ohn geez. shes also a brunette as is the nurse hes dating. so i said well its a badly kept secret hes dating a nurse here. so she says oh.. so we keep talking and laughing..i made a face about dr a.. (who wasnt on last nght..) and shes like what? i said hes mean and condescending. she said oh i know. so i said i like dr b. she said a lukewarm hes nice.. but not her type. ok.. so we then get into other funny stuff. she tells me the guys hse broke up with was named alistair and hes british. so i said howd you get ur freak on with that name? and she laughed and said i know. it wasnt that good. so i tell her my theory that dr a isnt good in bed. and dr b is. shes rolling laughing and i say what are they with? girls who only do missionary? and shes laughing. a little while goes by. she comes back and says i think your theory is spot dr b is talkign more to me and i tell him how he hasnt been nice enough to me. he said he has been. and tried to out talk me and dodge the subject and says hows andrew? do u have new pics? is he smiling? i said what are u trying to do? change


My name is ***** ***** I am the Moderator for this topic. Steve is not available right now, but I have sent him a message to follow up with you here, when he comes back online. If I can help further, please let me know. Thank you for your continued patience!


It's been a heck of a trip with my mother! Wow...she is finally rescheduled for this Tues, with the prep being done in the hospital on Mon. I have a bed hold at the SNF, cause they are so wonderful there and hopefully she will be back from surgery before the seven day hold expires.

Couple of things about your evaluation. Number one, and not really about the evaluation, you should be able to keep your set schedule if he promised it. Acting as though he did and moving ahead as if all is well is a great idea. Now the evaluation way, no how, no no never mention a medical condition, including pregnancy, and leave in an evaluation.

If your eval is pulled by a future in house or external source and it shows this, bias can be assumed and you might not get the job because they do not want someone who has young children, etc. Oh definitely, that is wrong, wrong, wrong. And the evaluation is boring. It shows no motivation on the supervisor's part to talk about skills and goal and objectives or improvement.

The rule of evaluations is: Is it measurable, observable or specific? If it is not, it is not a goal and cannot be in an evaluation. To simply say you are heading in a good direction may be sort of acceptable, but if there is clear progress referenced, and there is, at least one of the measured standards should be exceeds expectations.

This evaluation is a crock, and yes you should protest it. This can hurt you in the long run and while many things can be overlooked; this cannot. And, you are legally entitled to your evaluation. They have to give it to you.

Moral of the IV story. Never trust anyone to do critical parts of your work other than you. Wow, am I glad you double checked. That would have been ugly. And what is with your friend. That is one nasty error. I get how it could happen but there are protocols in place to limit this sort of thing. Ouch. You ducked that bullet.

I am not sure if dr b should thank you or not/ You seem to have tried to set the guy up with dr r and that is nice of you, but then you seem not done with punishing him. So, what is it going to be? Punishment or forgiveness. He seems to be trying to get back in your good graces. How about some slack? And why did he wait for you? Because he is a friend and is probably sorry for how he was. He likes you Liz and treats you a lot like family. I know you don't want me to be so direct, but maybe he has been punished enough and needs you back. He, remember, is a major mess up with women and you give him some stability in that regard, plus he is good to have in a pinch as he often backed you up.

But as far as having a baby and pain. I am sure women have great pain in childbirth, more than anything we go through. But a bite to the balls; nasty stuff that. Most men would throw up from the pain. Being hit there is like nothing I can describe, like a razor cut, with baseball bat like impact. It literally stops a man dead. Steven

Steven Olsen, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 1765
Experience: More than twenty years of expertise in counseling, psychological diagnosis and education
Steven Olsen and 2 other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi steve. i wrote on our las t thread too.

we are trying t o batten down the hatches for the appx 2 feet of snow were supposed to get. of course theres a concern we will lose power.. so if you dont hear from me after tomorrow.. well im buried in the snow.

last night we were in overdrive trying to get laundry done kids washed in case it went down today but it seems too warm for the snow and i believe it will only be rain til tonight when this thing hits. i was looking at the cars and what we want to get - if they let us - and i said to rob see the pilot isnt abad idea. he just wants to get the crv and he wants to spend less money this time and i told him no way was that happening honestly. maybe the same at best even if we get the same cars.

anyway if we lose power rob and the kids will go to his moms i guess and i will stay here to really freeze. i thought 46 degrees and ice cold water was cold last time..

until thursday we are kinda cash poor so no hotels. they open shelters and is aid to rob im goin gto write down a few shelters..

and the thought of losing all the food again. gez steve. were going to have to get the generator b/c i cant afford to keep having this happen.

as far as dr b.

do you guys call each other? wtf. h said to me hey i gave you a ride when you needed it - when i said hes not nice enough to me. he also made a comment hes one of the few people who is nice to me...

and you realize he waited for me the actual day he made the comment about my being too loud - when i walked out i guess he and the aide thought i was coming back. but i said let me go before i say something really rude. and walked out.

so i think it was clear i wasnt coming back. plus you know i mean i was there a whole 10 min. and i mean running for 12 and 1/2 hrs isnt enough.. i mean how dare i take 10 min to bullshit? and then im too loud. i mean i need to learn my place. obviously.

and no one there thinks much of me, so i should just shut up and do my work. i think this week was a pretty good indicator of that.

anyway dr b shudve said sorry. really. and to throw the one time he gave me a ride in my face. who the f**k needs it? i mean is it a blood debt? and he lives 5 min away seriously. if he needed a ride id go get him. and christine the nurse who gave me like 3 rides lives further away and has never mentioned it again. i shouldve just driven myself honestly. or called out sick..

and yes youre right that he treats me like family. hes rude and throws the one favor in 2 yrs hes done for me in my face.

with family like that...well who the hell needs them? im only interested in dr b for fun. thats it. im already married i dont need more bullshit.

i know in the other post you said i mention the cops alot... yeah i dont mind them. dontr see so many firefighters anymore. used to see them in the city. i kind of miss the city. although at this place the people are more like me than they were in the city.. the whole thing withh the kids house cars.. etc. in the city alot of the nurses were single.. ready to mingle.

tmm2 was telling me yest it was crazy busy and i said well youve always been crazy.. he said i am.. i said it good you can admit that so you can get the proper straight jacket help.. and he said he s crazy for me. and steve i didnt mind it. ill tell you.

so the fake boobs fake money thing.. well we know men are shallow... are you saying the fake boobs should get real money? i think so too. they cost real money...

and rob and valentines day. do you really think robs going to get me anything? hes going to say oh were broke blah blah blah. which has been for years.. other than the 2nd year when i got my engagement ring and we planned a trip to disney...

sometimes i luck out and get godiva. most of the time im pretty much sol. yeah that stands for shit outta luck.

and yes i did just have his son.

meanwhile rob sends me this email about time for mistress to return. and what he wants me to do.

all i can say to that is sigh.

and baby andrew. well hes trying to sit up i swear. he puts his head forward and pulls one shoulder off his boppy lounger and tries to move. my dad says andrew is strong.. i think its funny they think a boy shud weigh more or is strong in infancy. theyre already putting societys stereotypes on the boy and hes an infant.

as far as 3 kids.. if i didnt have to be preg tp have it... well thatd be good. plus i feel like i feel bad if andrews our last baby. like were never going to have all these cute little things for them... its hard at times but i like the kids so little. theyre just much cuter arent they?

I will paste the content of your last post here and also answer the one here, on this page.

i have been worrying since last night that i somehow screwed something up at work, i only had 2 pts by the end but ti was a hectic night. between that heparin drip we sent up - i keep worrying did we set it wrong? and then at the end of the night i had a pt who was admitted for an accidental overdose of insulin. he forgot and re injected. so they wanted to just watch him over night. he had asked when i was rechecking his glucose why its so low? i said b/c with the 2nd dose it brought it very low and it peaks but it takes over 6 hr to wear off. in the am he was moved to another part of the er and the nurses aide dropped his cell phone and he said just ditched him there (he seemed weird anyways though.. he takes 2 mg of xanax plus demerol for headaches which i refused to give out and told the drs so. i don't dispense demerol. these people are f**king crazy. i didn't even get demerol for labor - although they offered with kate not andrew) and he said that the hosp shouldn't think his insurance should pay or him to not to have a bed and i threw it in hsi face that he took an overdose. i said i didnt i had just tried to ans his question. i had him call me several times ina few minutes then and i had terri coem with me to be a witness, but. im afraid he made a complaint which pisses me off since everything was fine all night. i did recheck his fingerstick it was ok so he wasnt hypo glycemic.

i dont know. i keep tellign ym self its a false feeling. esp since its going to be 2 yrs soon for the incident that i started to speak to you about.. feb 11 is the date.. and i had that thing happe just like my old job - evaluated as soon as i get back. and a mediocre one at that just like the other place. i was thinking if i m workign so hard and its mediocre.. i mean imagine if i didnt really bust my ass.

and if thats the case.. well in a way why bother. its supid. its like me trying to convince soemone to like me which def doesnt work. i do honestly believe people dont change their opinions about you. i dont feel like staying to prove to peter ima good nurse. he has his favorites for whatever reason why i dont know.

You have taken a lot of hits over the past few years in terms of work and your self esteem. Who would not be hurt and filled with self doubt over what happened? Few to none. Here, at this workplace, anything that reminds you of what happened in your last job is not going to be easy. And this patient that you mention, and all the recent circumstances...well, it kind of fits in with that past and the feelings that you had.

Now, it is normal to feel saddened and anxious by the situation here. But this is different, and just because it may feel or seem similar, it is not. You did what you were to do and 99.9% of the time those feelings that haunt you are just echos of the past...not accurate predictors of what might happen. I have little doubt that you did your job well and the patient, both the blood thinner and the insulin situation were totally fine.

I heard that you all may take a pounding as far as the snow. I hope the forecast is wrong. If there is anything that NY needs it is not another crisis and you certainly do not need one. All that you have been through...well, it is enough. I am also hopeful that the recent power outages and problem may have shown the weaknesses in the delivery system of wires and cables and so on, and that the snow does not cause any issues as the big one were revealed by the previous hurricane.

Is there a way that you both could create an emergency fund for the future or even now, borrow some emergency cash? I feel awful that you could end up in a shelter. It makes no sense to see you stuck like that, in some who knows what shelter.

I can clearly tell that you are really ticked off at dr b. I know that he was not very wise with how he acted toward you, and you could stay angry at him. But I do want to say that I have tried to pay attention to what you have told me about the people at your workplace. They are, many of them, very dysfunctional. Many are unappreciative and rude. Many can be nasty and condescending. Most are completely about themselves. But I have noticed that some, despite flaws genuinely like you. I know dr b was rude and should not have said anything about how loud you were. He acted parental and that is uncalled for. But, he made a mistake. Tell him how you feel about it and if he is your friend, which I know he is, he will come to his senses. He can't fix what he does not know. It is your choice of course, but that seems to me to be a good course of action.

When things are down and, like they are now at work, it is easy to feel drawn to tmm2. He is flattering and kind to you and that has to be powerful stuff. But don't settle for what he offers when what you really want is to feel loved and cared about. I mean this sincerely. He offers a cheap version of what you desire, nothing more.

Men are shallow. And should they even be in a place where women crawl around on poles. That is their choice, both the men and the women. I feel sorry for them both and knew, in counseling, a number of the women and the men who frequented these places. None were happy and all the laughter, just masks for a lot of real pain.

Ah, give me some credit Liz. I know what sol stand for...But Rob. Really, nothing for v day? I am sorry. You both make way over 100k combined and there is no way he could have nothing. That is an excuse. I find it distressing that this is how he is.

Mistress? Really? Okay, what is he smoking? A women responds in sex with how she is made to feel about herself. If there is nothing coming in, in terms of kindness and recognition then there is nothing in return. It is simple math. An engineer should find that easy to grasp. Hopefully he figures this out.

Some boys are tanks, even as infants. I have seen it. He may be tough and strong and this is snot just boys of course. I had a girl who was this way too. But society does recognize boys far more easily than girls in this way and it is unfair.

Little and cute, yup any child under 5 usually is. And 1.5-3 crew is really cute. But as they get older they do work for you and that helps with the lost cuteness. Steven

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hey steve.

yeah andrew maybe a tank. kate is pretty strong and strong willed. andrew is more like rob. hell sit there not requiring any holding or extra stuff. he usually just growls (i swear. and ive heard other boys do this too..) like little noises and itll take alot to get him full on crying (acid reflux and gas..) kate hit him in the head with a ball - the top of his head and he blinked i swear.

i started him on zantac and he seems better. not as much crying as before although my mother reported him crying for 2 hrs the other day..

i think she sucks at being a mother honestly. shes not motherly or comforting and frankly makes my skin crawl.

so ur next line shud be gee liz why dont you tell me what you really think? yeah no thats what i think. and im not feeling overly upset or sensitive right now. just that even though my mil kinda get along, but i cant complain that shes not motherly. shes overly involved to be honest in a way... but id say i could understand being like that more than my mothers way. esp since i only realized the other day that my grandmothers house wasempty for the hurricane and had power. and a washing machine. dishwasher.. etc. so we couldve stayed there for the 2 weeks. and not froze. i even wouldve paid to stay there since wed be using electric etc..

anyway. and my mom didnt offer for us to stay there.. ever. even though she has a house a dishwasher washer dryer.. and spare old bedroom with a full size bed. my mil has a 3 room apt with none of that but she let us stay a few days. and frankly i cant keep imposing on people. lipa doesnt care b.c theyre being sold (or bought..?) con ed actually bid but it was said itd be a monopoly.. bla blah.

so lipa doesnt care about our service at all now. big time. our wires are above ground and that flaw in the infrastructure is why we lose power.

ill just save the money and this summer well buy a generator. a big one.

and im car shopping online since we stayed home to watch the storm pummel the house and we are getting hail right now.. and i like the town and country minivan it looks nicer than the odyssey. it comes standard with leather and dvd players. holy crap. even the body of it seems nicer. but itd be easier to get the cars again from honda. i like the way the pilot is though. rob actually told me hed like to get a gray crv. i was pretty surprised. he also told me that he thinks that it will be no problwm getting the new cars. he thinks theyll be like fine. as long as we agree to it. i hope hes right. i like cars and i like buying them (or leasing whatever..) i like to look at the brochures and all. and im pretty well versed when we show up.

i was thinking id get the odyssey with dvd player...they all come standard with back up cameras the crv, pilot , odyssey. which is like thank god cuz i basically back that thing up blindly seriously.

i wish we could go this weekend and get the cars. by the end of the month ill have to call our salesman

rob got home after 3 hrs of traveling due to traffic he drove to queens to take the subway in case the lirr broke down like it usually does. he left at 2pm and didnt get home til 530pm.

and tmm2. how do you know he offers a cheaper version of what i want? hes actually a good guy. he stupid like men are.. same way dr b is.. you know say stupid things etc. but. well hes nice. we def have a good time together. i mean he gets punished like men need to be.

and rob. well he says mistress like hes lower than me (which he is anyway.) like hes saying wha can i do for you mistress? its just like im not in the mood for this really. i mean were not exactly burning the sheets up. w ehad sex last night. it wouldve been good if we didnt have to stop to well not gt pregnant again.

oh well ill get the iud soon enough.

I hope that the blizzard has not taken too much of a toll on you and your family. I saw pictures of your area and it was not pretty.

I like the sounds that all babies make, but you are right, the boys have their own set of guttural responses. And most of them are tough and do not respond that much to injury, although I have known some notable exceptions.

Your mom; well, yes. I think she does have some missing emotional components of what is good parenting. You ever read about Mary Ainsworth and her parenting studies? Mary found out that 20% of parents miss the cues that the babies are giving about needs. As a result, the emotional needs are not as quickly met and the babies are less secure in the presence of that person. Maybe that is what happens with your mother and Andrew?

I am noyt concerned about how or what you say about your family. I think you need to say things, which is why we talk. It is anything but easy to have an unsupportive family and you have that in bunches. Just what you told me about the situation with having a home with spare room available and no offer to use them...well, that says a lot about how your family functions. This is a weather related emergency not some random event where you just decide to impose on another. Seriously, what you re saying makes total sense. I would be upset by the lack of family compassion as well!

I think your idea about the generator is a good one. Consumer Reports just did a big article on them. The big Generac one got the highest rating for the lowest price. But you do have to tell them in to a gas line or to a propane tank if it is going to be used for multiple day long outages. They eat, and I mean, really eat, gasoline.

You and I are the same as far as looking at stuff on line and in brochures. I like to really be informed with car shopping stuff so I do not get taken...and Rob is right. They will give you the cars, no issue whatsoever. I will say as an owner of a Honda (2 of them) and a previous owner of a Town and Country; I would not purchase the Town and Country again. It was better as far as equipment than the Honda. I just liked the controls and the way the minivan functioned. But, it broke; a lot. And it was always needing some electrical thing and the windows got stuck and the cruise control fried and a number of other things. It got annoying and I was tired of replacing fuses in the electrical box. We have the DVD Odyssey. Love it. It has wireless headphones and you can listen to one thing while the kids watch another.

Of course I do not know what tmm2 is like. But I am not stupid and I am a man. I can tell what he wants. And I can guarantee it is not a long term love affair. And I am sure you can punish him as he needs it. lol

Sex like you describe is not the best. It ruins the moment. But being pregnant again, this soon. Now that risk is not worth the moment of bliss that uninterrupted sex would bring. That is not what you need right now. Steven

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi steve.
today is the 2 year anniversary of my resigning from my old job. ive
been tryingnot to think of it, but its been bothering me. alot. to the
point i was tearful and had to hide it from a co worker christine (the one who said i was physically slow working while i was 8 months preg....) when i got caught i said i
missed the baby. i got home from work and its just been one shitty
day to say the least. we do have power, and i went to work last night.
nassau county (where i live closer to the city ) is all plowed. we got
appx 2 feet of snow, but the trucks plowed all night repeatedly. it was
loud and disruptive for sure. but i was grateful. we had drifts of snow
that were 4 feet in soem places. like our backyard. so i left for work
early to anticipate slow going. but really didnt think there was a
problem b/c its been 2 full days after the storm. well suffolk isnt
plowed. theres sheets of compacted snow/ ice that strecthes for miles
and people are spinning out the cars are rocking back and forth and
sound like were off road. the under of the car was being scraped and
well ii was white knuckled - a guy next to me spun out and i didnt
stop b/c i narrowly missed hitting him and felt like i couldnt
maneuever my car well enough and was with my own heart pounding shaking
it took me 2 hours each way i got to work and the er is jammed. i walk into 2 pts. one
the actual pt and the other the ptts wife just so unhapy with us and
literally screaming at me. and i felt like saying like you know i
risked my f**king life to come here. to do this shitty job, that i dont
count at. b/c im only mediocre at it (see evaluation..) i mean why
should i crash my car, be injured or actually die and leave my kids to
go there? im not saying it to be melodramatic b/c i have all wheel
drive and i felt myself losing control at slow speeds and my other
concern were assholes who dont know how to drive and slamming into me.
i kept my composure and tried to appease them by jumping thru the
notorious hoops for them not wanting a complaint. the night dragged on
and i heard the disgusting gossip of dr a and the nurse and tht
apparently dr a thinks the nurse is hott in bed b/c (wit for this its
so juvenile..) b/c she bent her leg and so did he while he was on top
of her during intercourse. i hd walked up on a gaggle of nurses and i
was like ok whats going on (5 nurses..)and they tell me that. and i
look at them befuddled (and in a better mood at the point - i admit.. and im trying to stay in
a good mood..) i said you call this juicy gossip? i rolled my eyes
exaggerated.. i said oh god they dont even know how to f**k right.. and
they start howling i said omg really people? they re laughing and i
said oh god its so sad really. its really sad. and i kinda felt i object to this. im not saying its my business, but dr a
didnt take any of my pts.. (pparently b/c he can get soem nurses to
give in and sleep with him..) and dr s took my pts the female dr - the one that
tried to rip me one when i had the fight with dr a. i dont really like
here either.. but i had to suck it up.. she makes you work for it and
orders everything on her pts just cause and doesnt care she puts you
thru busywork. i dotn ask her too skip soem of it b/c its easier to
just do it then to tlak to her. so i had a hard night of orders since
dr b didnt coem in. i dont know why.

on another note my cell phone - is completely broken. no texting b/c the screen is broken.
which is due for an upgrade - rob took my upgrade so he could get a
smartphone- and i took his old phone b/c mine broke 3 times and they
kept giving me the same refurbished model and it kept breaking the
same way. and verizon doesnt care. so i cant use the phone and have no
means of making calls/ texts. which i hate. i ldrive home and white
knuckle it again after 2 hrs. i get in the door and its cold in the house like
i call to check on the kids and my moms giving me the bum rush and i
turn on the heat and it doesnt go on. the boiler isnt firing. i decide
to try to take a shower immediately, b/c maybe theres some hot water
(its 57 degrees in ym house..) and theres none. so i take the military
showe rive become accustomed to. i get out and call rob and say theres
no heat or hot water. he said there isnt? i said no. he says well call
the oil compnay. i say well great - i have to work tonight and now i
have to wait for the oil company. so i call. thyey tell me to go in the
alcove and hit the reste button. i have to find a flashlight crawl on
the flor and go inot this closet type thing trying to hold the phone
scrunched in there..i hot the reste button. or what i think it is and
nothing. the woman says well ill put a service call but itll be 3 to 5
hrs or more. or more. great. she then says you havent gotten any oil
since you joine with us i said i know im concerned about that - they
fixed the stupid fill pipe but never came to fill the tank. so i said
to her i thought i didnt have to schedule deliveries. you guarantee
theres oilin my tank. she has nothing to say to this and says if you
want the service and delivery make sure theres a shoveled path to the fill pipe otherwise they wont come due to safety.
so im like fine. i call rob and shocking we have a huge fight. i tell him whats going on and i need to get the shovel. now btw i took an ice cold shower, im in 57 degrees, its raining freezing rain and now i have to go out with wet hair and a shovel to shovel 2 feet of water soakd snow. amd steve im going to admit this. i flipped out. i mean i suck at my job i suck at being a wife i suck at being a mom. and im saying this with all my heart. no one cares. i mean if i crshed my car thered be flier at work but no one would care. i ay this honestly. itd be a oh shit she was around my age and oh she has 2 little kids.. theyd thro 10 buck in out of guilt and rob would get $500 from my co workers. i that much and id have left andrew. i omnly say andrew on purpose b/c honestly kate doesnt give a shit. she never has and never will. i call to tlak everyday i work and shes now older. she never wnats to talk to me. and shell talk on the phone. like if my father calls. shell chew his ear off with toddler talk. my dad loves it. shell even ask can we call daddy or pop pop? and i do and she chews their ear off. and its a big i love you1!!! i call and i hear my mom or mil and i hear kate screaming no no no i cant want to talk to mommy. (thats not a typo - thats how she says it) so i tell rob like im just a piece of shit to him. i dont even talk that muh to him anymore and i even said im sure he likes it. i barely call or text or email. and its been for years. and he doesnt care. robs saying nothing to this i guess to make sure thats what he thinks b/c he could say no thats not true. or give me soem sympathy. we get off the phone and he made the comment about i know that no matter what i say youll be mad so why bother? so i said fine. he said well tlak to you later. i said no dont bother. and i hung up. absolutely livid. shaking with anger. btw i told him of my several close calls with death and destruction to and from besides the pts and it being the 2 year anniversary of my inicident. so he can know this isntr the only straw that broke the camels back.

so i get dressed. i go out inot the ice rain soaking wet. i cant open the front door the snows so high so i walk the other way and start shoveling. the snow is so heavy and deep, well would you believe im maybe halfway up the path and the snow shovel bent and broke? im still trying to use the useless shovel and its just killing me the weight of the snow, its ice cold out. 35 degrees or so. and im thinking that if my infant wasnt coming home i def wouldnt do this. i mean i was up all day sun. up all night. now ill be up all day again and work all night. again. so that way the self fulfilling prophecy will come true ill kill a pt on the anniversary. or lose my license. im tired of being over loaded or over tired or over wrought. and frankly i suck at all i do.... i come in the house to look for another shovel and im like i didnt go thru ll this not to get this done. i cnat find another shovel. i take the dustbin from my broom and dustpan and use thatr to pick up snow with my hands and the dustbin. i did a makeshift path its not perfect but its there. i came back in and thought how i wished i had pretended that i had hot water and heat and let rob coem home to find this bullshit out. like... oh i didnt know.
so i came back in. i sit down to read your response and i look at my email. i got an email from rob that says this. this is the actual email.
in the subject line it says thank you - forget what i said. apparently he sent me a thank you email b/c we had sex the wya he wnated to on sat night. he had promised me a masage after that but he said oh you fell asleep and of course i didnt get my end of the deal. so apparently the lower message is from sun night - he wrote that, and then today updated it to tell me how i should forget his thank you. so now i dont even deserve the f**king thank you for giving in to his stupid sex bullshit. that i never liked.

.Forget what I said. I don't want you to do anything.

----Forwarded Message----
Sent: Sun, Feb 10, 2013 10:14 PM EST
Subject: Thank you

Thank you for playing my game this weekend. It was great to be able to do that
again. I'm looking forward to playing more games with you.

I want you to pick one game and let me teach you everything about it. Let me
either teach you everything there is to know about being a dominatrix or my
willing sex slave. Whichever one you are most willing to do.

We had a deal when we agreed to buy the furniture, but didn't get much time to
play with Kate not sleeping and then you just being too close to your due date
and being uncomfortable all the time. I want to get back to that deal and
start playing a lot more. I'm willing to let you decide whichever one you are
most willing to play.

and i was stupid. stupid enought to at 1st have thought he sent me an apology email. and maybe i was rude to him but honestly, hes made comments that i dont get enought housework done. or that i dont do enought stuff. and i mean the 2 kids are little and keep me busy with bottles and changing and washing plus feeding and a playdate her eor there, online food shopping ... plus other things i plan/ d. like all the bills. or the cars. or planning and researcing places to have kates birthday.

and maybe i acted immaturely. i mean i gues its not robs fault. but alot of what i said is and is true. im so sick and tired of eveyrthing being so awful really.

im tired of being not good enough. its all i hear over and over. and why should i do all this? go to this job? to be mediocre? i dont need it. to crash my car? to be yelled at? to be belittled by drs? why?

and rob well i mean i should want to blow him and just be his sex slave? no? i mena i dont contribute to anything anyway. and i know this all sounds negative so ill just stop, but its a good thing he wasnt here. b/c i think i may have taken a swing at him. im so tired of it. id love to tell him to leave. just leave. yes i know its a big deal. but i feellike i have to save myself. i should stay with him? no sorry honey. or sorry i didnt dig out the path.. or anything. and to look at peter that incompetant moron. yeah im mediocre. thx peter. why should i do anymore than i have to? the bare minimum? i had to sit nect to that moron kerry last night and i had to deal with all her pts b/c she dissapears. and im here asking drs can this one have pain meds? can this one go home? how about wait for your shitty nurse. b/c im just mediocre. peter loves her. im sure she got soem great evaluation. but i suck. so im not good enought o get you your pain meds or d/c papers. and i feel like telling peter how he doesn tknow shit about this er. he can pretend all he wants. but thats why hes not the director.

i heard him this am on the phone- saying how people are calling in and he doesnt wnat to pay them for the time even though its a disaster b/c soem people got in, so how come they can? but others cant? i stood there in shockm like is he having this telephone conversaion with me right there? really? and it makes me feel like he is underhanded. i mean if thats the case.. helicopter the staff in.

we have an email saying we can stay at the hosp but we have to bring all our own stuff. toiletries, towels, blankets pillws, sheets. etc. i mean they cant supply us with a blanket? what scumbags. i feel like sending amas reply saying thats why no one gives a shit here. b/c you dont give ashit we have to live ta the hosp during natural disasters and all the ot everyone pulled with getting the flu - besides how sik everyone got from all the flu pts, andwe should give a shit about your nasty pts who curse us out? and you who treat us like indentured servants?

no youre right dont pay us. well find other jobs.

well im still waiting for the boiler repair. it prob wont be til 3pm.

What an awful time of it you have had! Anniversary dates that have bad connotations are serious enough, and that sucks big time. BUT then: You risk your very life driving in to work on what amounts to roadway snow pack. (Sled dogs run that kind of thing.) And I know the capabilities of the CRV in snow and although it is pretty good, it is not like a Jeep or something; plus you cannot control the other idiots who drive like it's dry ground. By the time you get to work you are sweating and worried and worn out. You just want a break.


Then, you have to deal with the mess of the ER and the sea of people who are short tempered and frustrated themselves. Nice. And, worse, you have to cover for a disappearing nurse who is a favorite of the incompetent supervisor who can't write a fair evaluation if his life depended on it.

The dr a stuff is just too pitiful to really have a comment about, as leg bending sounds like some juvenile thing that someone might learn in sex ed class in 5th grade. Why on earth would he mention something like this? It really, really shows his immaturity and lack of tack. And sex as I have said is like money. If you have it or are good at it, you don't have to talk about it. To speak about a woman you are with in this way also shows a complete lack of care about her...and certainly shows her lack of brains when it comes to men.

Then your cell phone, which sounds like a poor excuse for a phone, period, is frizzing out. And now you come home to a home with no heat or hot water! Liz...I am so sorry. You need some support and comfort and all you are getting is more mess. I just shook my head when I read the response from the heating oil company and then what happened with the snow shovel and working instead with a dust pan to clear a snow path...Oh my gosh, that is like something from a Charles Dicken's novel. How terrible!

Rob is not functioning in reality. He is missing the point about how you feel and what you are going through. Writing about sex could be fun, but not now! And if he is so out of touch with you that he thinks that all this is fun for you??? What is that about?

He is really not getting this, at all. This is not the time to play phone text games and send emails about sex. It is time to see what you can do to make your wife feel better about herself and to help her out to the point where exhaustion and fear and discouragement are worked out. Then you might have a shot at sex. Earn the sex buddy.

I know you feel like crap right now. It just rolls off the page. You are at your wits end and tired of all the people and places that do not appreciate you or make demands, like the can stay but bring your own stuff. (Really???) I mentioned that someone with hospital experience and they thought that was ridiculous.

I know this may sound familiar, but try to not see yourself as equal to all this mistreatment. Your evaluation was not what it should have been. That was Peter's fault, and it even had things in it that were uncalled for about your maternity leave. The furnace and the house and the snow and the recent stress of having a baby and the hurricane and the work memories from a few years ago. It is all just way too much. But this does not mean that you are a bad person or even that you are somehow inadequate. You are not. You are just exposed to a great many insensitive people and need some sort of solace.

Now is the time, if you can at all, take even five minutes just for you. The heck with cost or guilt or anything. You need some time to care for your own needs. And while you are waiting for the boiler repair person, do something for you. It is time that you cared for you; and in this state, where you feel so down on life and worse, yourself, this is when you should take some time to disengage from these people.

Sorry you are going through all this. What a mess. I know that things will improve but this last 24 hours is one for the books. I can tell you are really discouraged and disgusted. Steven

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi steve. the repair guy just got here.

i was asleep and the doorbell rag. i jumped up of course. i finally had really fallen asleep.

the repair guy said we ran out of oil. so i guess its a good thing that i dug the path. too bad i had to wait fore the guy instead of just getting a delivery

then i wouldnt have stayed up or be woken up at least. of course im exhauste b/c 2 hrs of sleep aint much when youve been up for 24hrs and youll be up for 16 hrs again at a minimum. i was falling asleep behind the wheel this am due to how slow the traffic was.

rob wrote the sex thing sun night before all this happened. then he sent me an update to the email, forget what i said i dont want you to do anything. yeah forget your thank you b/c see i did what he wanted.. and he takes back his thank you.

well thats awesome. and thats why im stupid for doing things for other people. its thankless. i dont want to have sex like that. i dont like it. its a big f**king hassle to pretend.and it even hard for me to pretend. honest. im not one of those fake chicks. its just not me.

he hasnt sent an email asking what has happened or anything and i really have nothing at all to say to him. he sent me an email sayng that he only can take out 20% of the 401k he just found he had at his last job. its $1800 in total - and i said take it out we have alot of expeses and were trying to catch up. so hes going thru all this red tape and then they ust said oh he can only take 20% - or appx $366. i guess its better than nothing but.. well whatever. i didnt respond cuz i dont want to talk tohim.

he should know since my phones broken he cant text. i heard i got a text today 2 actually but i don knwo who theyre from or what b/c i cnat see them. so annoying.

steve this may be juvenile but. i just have nothing to say to him. and frankly i hope he leaves me alone. for good.

hell pretend nothing happened and he wont apologize and i let shit go b/c well its easier. nope. my resolve is there. and no one has never said im not f**king stubborn. ive been called that since im born.

hell say how the oil thing wasnt his fault etc etc. and me getting mad and yelling is my fault. i get none of the old ways men treat their wives where they aquiesce and apologize and bring flowers or write you a little note.. and its all better. just a little peace offering. and its valentines day. and i know itll all go unsaid. this weekend i have to go to party places to book kate a party and i think i may just go by myself. its a hassle with the kids by myself but i dont see myself talking to him and going there would mean we would have to talk. and im sure hed sit here and play on the computer while i did all that. even thinking of it is getting me pissed.

as far as work. you know back in the day id say no way am i mediocre. no way. f**k that. but maybe now i am. i mean i do my job. i know that. but im def not an all star there. or really being given the opportunity to be one anyway. the line from the eval. that i had progressed my nsg skills was... insulting. im a med surg nurse in the er. and im basically treated as such. heres another abd pain pt. thats a med surg pt in the er. thats all it is.

and tonight there will be no xtra efforts. i hope dr b is there but i dont even feel like dealing with that. if a reg normal dr was on. anyone itd be great. and if i was in triage or in the clinic thatd be great too.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i had the thought of calling out but dont have any sick time and i dont want to see rob. and im hoping if its not crazy itll take my mind off of all this.

btw dr a made the nurse take turns shoveling so they can watch his 6 yr old. christine also told me this. i said uh why doesnt he go out and shovel and she watch the kid? wtf is that. is she stupid? and wow what a gentleman. makes me consider being a lesbian honestly.

i told dr r about the leg thing and i pointed out the nurse and she started laughing and said oh god come on at rosemarie.. she is very girl next door but i kinda knew that about dr a. i could tell he was a brunette type of guy.

dr b is the blondes guy. dr r is also moving to texas. to shake things up she said. since she broke up with her fiance and she doesnt like our hosp etc etc.. i feel bad cuz i think me and her could be friendly but its all set for july.

she thought the whole leg thing was hilarious. she was like oh god come on.. i said yeah i hear ya.

tmm2. well i miss him already. and i guess its possible he may not be interested in a long term relationship. but.. well, why is he still staying in contact? its an awful long time. he never tried anything when we used to see each other alot. why now?

i have read that study. or heard of it. i wonder if i dontr connect to kte and thats why shes uneasy with me. i thought we had improved with my maternity leave. and after the croup i had thought i had proven to her that im there for her.

the town and country. all f**king chryslers have electrical problems. i had that thought when i was looking at it but it seems to be consistently a best seller. and i did like the options. but im getting the odyssey. rob was saying we shud get the pilot and crv for both cars to have all wheel drive. and i said no. i want the pilot and the odyssey. he didnt fight me much saying well as long as its not too much money.. this was on saturday. when he plotting his sex for that night im sure.

btw i broke the dustpan too if you were curious.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi steve are you ok? is mom ok?

Sorry for the long delay. Mom had surgery, sort of, and it changed the game plan totally for us. She, as a surgical prep for the hysterectomy, had a general anesthesia D/C. When they did it they found a massive captive infection and drained out cups and cups of pus. (gross huh? But this was the mass they had seen on the MRI)

The uterus was thin, like paper, and they did not want to do anything more b/c of the infection. They took tissue, and instead of using the accuracy of the quick OR test for cancer, they chose to do the 3-5 day lab test to be certain, for if she doesn't need the surgery and only needs antibiotics and monitoring, so be it. She is still inpatient but should be d/c'd soon. She will go back to a SNF for rehab and to get her reconditioned, for she is weak after all this.

I am amazed that you can actually stand up after the schedule that you keep. Anything that you can do to reduce that it if you can, for it is just way too much. On another track: At least the furnace wasn't broken. Doesn't the dumb thing have an oil guage on it so you can tell when it is nearing empty? What a pain this all was for you! And Rob should be monitoring this. Hate to sound sexist but that is his job in my book. (I know that is old fashioned; I am sorry)

I have said this before: But you and Rob, I would suggest, might want to talk with someone face to face. The marriage is certainly salvageable and could be great, if he would learn to communicate better and learn how to appreciate you and not go so into himself and show self centeredness so much. I know why you are so angry at him and I do not begrudge you that. He earned it. But at the same time I do not see this suddenly getting better without some outside help. It really would do you both a world of good, and having more of what you need from Rob; that would be excellent.

At least you didn't outright tell me that you feel you are a bad nurse, or mediocre or any of those derogatory things. Saying you do not care enough to try is a lot different than just feeling you are not good. Big difference. And that makes sense as you have not been given much of a chance to show your skills there and the people just appear to be so, oblivious about things. It is not you. I say that quite a bit, but it is true.

HA! Dr a makes you want to be a lesbian. Now that is funny in the context of things. And, in truth, more than accurate about how sane women will see him. He is a loser of a man at this point in his life and any woman who gets him, deserves him. I am sorry but letting a woman do your hard labor is just so low. How bad would your (female's) self esteem be to allow this?

Tmm2? Who knows why now? Maybe his life sucks and you were a bright and shiny in it a while ago? I am not sure. I am sure that he, although nice, is not what he seems.

Kate will change her tune with you in a few years. This happens with some girls, and it always goes back to mom's favor after a while. Kate is just in the very strong part of male attachment. I am sure she loves you, but also is going through some normal developmental stuff right now.

Sex or not; get the cars you really want. You now have four. A CRV may not be big enough any more and a Pilot and an Odyssey. That will make you very attractive customers.

I am not surprised you broke the dust pan. They don't do well in snow. lol Steven

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi steve.

its weird but i had had the fleeting thought when you had originally said about your mom i thought oh gosh i hope its not a mummified miscarriage. it is rare but if a pt has a missed abortion (never expels the fetus..) and is intact- the capsule - can be sectioned off from the body and mummifies. and later when the pt is older its found... of course the pt never had any further children.. we had a pt who was like 97 yr old asian pt who had this and of course it was a huge teaching case... and i okingly said are we sure shes not mumified. the poor thing was like 80lbs, mostly blind and deaf and only spoke cantonese. she was sweet enough, but i did get a laugh (yes im a laugh whore.,)

now ill say this about your mom - that type of infection is considered to be an empyema. now i super hope they didnt stir up a huge can of worms. since it was encapsuled it was ok. opening that.. well im hoping it didnt contaminate anything.

on another note - th findings on pelvic exam upset me b/c this has been going on from when you told me about it - for 2 months. so this saying they were willing to take her to the or for an exploratory abd surgery without doing a reg gyn pelvic exam. they skipped several steps. if they said ok come to the office for a pelvic, and they werent able to do it due to an issue dilating the cervix due to her age id understand, the cervix locks down with menopausal changes and esp if the pt is radiated or a chemo pt.. (not that your mother is..) and then i could see a general anesthesia d&c . but this all shuldve been done earlier i feel. i cant believe they waited all this time on a pelvic to race an old lady to the or instead of doing investigative exams 1st..

well the boiler is broken b/c now today after getting a 200 gallon $700 oil delivery. btw thats the highest oil bill ive ever gotten. ever. i came home put on the heat it was working go a little warmer and just never fired again. so im sitting again in 56 degrees and took yet another ice cold f**king shower. so i called and im waiting again for the repair guy

i havent heard from rob since the fight. and i havent tried to talk to him either. my phone is still broken. im so sick and tired of being cold and being in the ice cold its not funny really. the oil tank does not have a gauge - the oil company guarantees deliveries and you never running out of oil. i was hoping the next delivery wouldnt be til the end of the month for financial reasons - the $700 is due withi 10 days. i wont have it ill pay part of it.. they usually just charge you like $1.50 for not paying the whole balance. but if they see payments basically coming over 2 or 3 months nothing happens but an updated statements saying you still owe x y z and we wont deliver til you pay it off. then they do the delivery anyway. lol.

i dont know how to handle seeing him tonight. i mean i know i unloaded onhim about this and no it wasnt his fault all of these things, and im sure thats his defense. so i guess im wrong. and yes im just everyones kicking stone.

last night i ran my ass off - if it was busier i wouldve been dead honestly. i 1st got a 6 month old whos o2 sat was 88%, kept giving her treatments and we couldnt get her oxygen levels up. dr b was the dr and i said this kid has a weak cry and thats a huge warning sign not to be f**ked with. kid decompensate quickly and most peds codes are from resp issues that devolve. we got the kid an xray and the kid had a huge left side pneumonia. we had to draw labs put an iv give oxgen treatments and transfer out. i was going to tell cecelia the charge nurse but she always debates me about my sick pts and frankly im tired of being questioned like a child on why im requesting help. one of my partner nurses belinda went up front and got the charge nurse and said this kid is f**king sick. sh came down and saw the o2 sat woke the child to get it to be higher. and said oh well now its 90% awake she can stay here and wlked away. so i documented in teh chart and threw her under the bus saying she was aware so if and when this kid crapped, it would be her head. it looks like shit legally but im not taking the fall for this bitch who would get me fired in a second. she also gave me an a female who had a strong cardiac hx with chest pain, and was young 36 yrs old. i had a psych pt who def needed psych meds and looked like he cudve stabbed carter on er. so after 8 hrs of running that kid. she went. well within the hr the other nurse kerry got a 2 yr old who had a fever and wasnt eating drinking.. the 3rd nurse belinda (whom im convinced is a psych pt..) said lets go do this.. i said ok lets look at her 1st. she was lethargic looking and the mother said oh i dont have a thermometer and she had a 103 temp. she said oh shes been sick for 2 days. so potentially had a fever not managed for all this time. i see how sick she is and i say ok lets do this. lets get labs iv line prior to dr a seeing the pt due to the acuity. were holding the child expecting her to start fighting when we ht the line and she didnt move. we finish an i go immediate;y to get dr a and tell them get a fingerstick (children can have low blood sugar when very ill...) i tell hi and he says ok, put her on a monitor. i said do you want her moved up front to the acute area? and he says no shell be fine there. i said dr i find it alarming shes not responsive to painful stimuli. he goes and sees her and still agrees with his original thing and says oh im confident you can do it. i said im not saying i cant do it. im saying shes sick. and he says yeahn i agree well have to watch her and shes one of the few who honestly deserves to be here. i stop and say fine and walk away. we get the pt inot a gown and we see she has a huge rash on her belly. the mother says oh she hasnt taken the t shirt shes wearing off for a few days b/c she doesnt like it. i then asked when the last dose of tylenol was and she says oh we dont have any in the house.. (2 days her f**king kid is sick) and no thermometer. the grandmother is there and i think she realized like they were int rouble b/c she started to get defensive. i walked out and said to kerry you know if i wasnt so put out id call goddam child services. what the f**k is this. really. its too much. not changing her shes practically unconscious, no thermometer, no tylenol, 2 days shes not eating drinking. she couldve died.

i say to kerry and belinda ive f**king have had it with all of this. ceclia dr a, these parents. f**k all this. really. and in my head my shitty evaluation.

my shitty shitty eval. i suck at nsg. if at 10 yrs yo havent gotten it. well either youre learning disabled or not good at this. but heres my problem. i have no other skills. not even pole dancing. id have to take a f**king class if i even wanted to do that.

the night after my fun day of not sleeping and shoveling etc.. well it
wasnt bad. i keep worrying that maybe i shouldve stayed on nights now.
i havent spoken to peter again.. but its been seemingly quiet the last
3 weeks after 1am or so...and im thinking crap - is this gonna suck? am
i going to be super busy and kicking myself? is the day shift going to
suck and treat me badly? anyway, we were all talking... dr b was
talking alot to me. he wants to get a bmw, a convertible. he slike
look its 79k.. i said uh thats like what i spend for 2 cars.. to be
honest. actually i might be below that if i really sit down and figure it out. we tlaked
about the new hondas i plan to get.. i had to speak to dr a about a
pt who was intoxicated and he said we cnat let him leave. you have o
watch him i said well hes sleeping but i cant sit with him the whole
time... so he said fine ill order close obs.. he walked away (hes so
bitchy) and i went over an dsaid well ill let you know if he needs it..
but right now it seems to be ok. when he said the guy was sober i just
said off the cuff oh good - i dont hav eto run and leap on him to stop
him from leaving.. and there was silence i said what? you dont like the
vision of me running and tackling the guy? and he said no not really.
he ame down gav eme the d/c papers which i luckily looked at b/c he
gave me the wrong ones (this isnt the 1st time. meanwhile dr b never
does that. ever.) so i went back and said uh wrong papers. he said ok.
he went back to print the new ones. i went and waited outside the doc
box and he turned around (he was way more than 3 feet away from me..)
and he jumped and said oh shit. i said what? he said geez youre so
quiet. i was going to say that the first time anyones called me that
but i figured to cut my losse and run. i said oh sorry i thought i was
helping you by coming here to take the papers so you dont have to walk
back and you can get your work done. he said well soemtimes i like to
walk around and broaden my horizons. is aid ok, i wont come to get d/c
papers anymore. and i walked away. i mena i need this shit? please.

i met a new nurse named jeff hes icu, and hes training. hes been i
think flirting with me. like he was standing there when redhead jen
tells me her son whos very quiet and to himself and kinda chubby was
called fat ass by another kid and her son didnt do anything (his 1st
mistake..) so the bully kept taunting him until her son whos actually
kinda big stood up and justpunched him in the face. and then he did
what youre supposed to do. he hit him again while he was down. so he
got suspended. 3 days. so shes all upset. so i said look, hes got
street cred now. so shes like i guess. so she then said maybe he
shouldnt have hit him while he was down. i said, if u hit them
once theyre just angry. hit him 2x keep him down. i said he had to man
up. how much bullshit is he going to take? hes 17 and in high school
and he has to grow aset. jeff says wow. i said what? he said im
surprised you said that. i said what? he needs a set? so he goes well
that.. but the hit him while hes down. i said look im from the city. i
dotn f**k around. and hes laughing. i told jen tell him next time
outside of school so he doesnt get in trouble. jens like yeah i will...
i was tlaking to chris and i told her how a pt was asking me if its
like grays anatomy here.. i said yeah kinda.. just with uglier
people... so the pt laughed. so jeff says i object to that.. i said
well i apologize i didnt mean to offend. present comapny excluded... he
said no theres a lot of good looking people here. i said i dont think
you get out i said whos good looking? the er drs..? dr a
and b are sitting there with their short haircuts and going bald.../
receeding hair lines... and he says why do you thnk theyre hot? i said
not as hot as they should be.. so he says well youre hot... i said oh
not really. he said youre very pretty... (chris had been called away by
this point..) i said well no.. and he cut me off and said accept the
i tried to get out of there..
hes training with this guy ali.. and hes philopeno and very quiet and
easily embarassed.. so i said watch this.. i said ali i missed you so
much while i was gone.. he said you did? i said yeah.. i winked at him
and ali turned all shades of red.. and basically got out of there...
jeff was laughing and i said if only i could use my powers for good
instead of evil.. he said i know geez. i gotta go check ali..
jeff also made a comment about my rings and my watch.. i said what? he said thats soem rock on your hand.. i said yeah i guess. he said let me see? is aid since when do guys notice jewelry? he said well look at
yours. its in your face.. i said no its not its my wedding set and a
watch. i have no other jewelry on...

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi steve. i opened a new question. i hope everything is ok. talk to you soon.

I will take this, and the next post the new one. Steven