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Bill, LCSW, Consultant, Expert Witness
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  35 years treating individuals, couples, families with mental health and substance abuse prob's
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I am currently taking 50 mg of the SSRI Zoloft/Sertraline

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Hello I am currently taking 50 mg of the SSRI Zoloft/Sertraline and was reading about benefits of the herb "Milk Thistle" for cleansing and even healing the Liver. I wanted to know if there was any danger in taking this herb with Zoloft?
From what I was able to find online the only danger I found is that it has the potential to slow down how fast the Liver processes medications such as Zoloft which could lead to a higher level of it in your system.
Bill :

Hello- Thank you for asking the question. I have over 30 years of experience working with individuals, couples and families & am happy to reply.

Bill :

I am happy to help with this-

Bill :

There is research to show that there is an interaction (such as you describe) with Zoloft and a number of other medications.

Bill :

Risks vs Benefits must be weighed in consultation with your Prescribing Physician to insure that the combination is proper for you.

Bill :

See detail on this here:

Bill :

From the above note: " Liver Enzyme Inhibition – Certain medications metabolized through the hepatic cytochrome P-450 (especially the enzyme CYP3A4) may be affected by milk thistle. Studies suggesting milk thistle interferes with some drugs have delivered inconsistent results. However, University of Pittsburgh researchers published their findings in 2000 that silymarin inhibits cytochrome P-450. Their finding implies that drugs metabolized by these enzymes remain in the blood longer with milk thistle than they otherwise might."

Bill :

I wish you the very best- feel free to follow up as needed.

Bill :

Kindest regards,

Bill :


Bill :

I appreciate Your Positive Rating so that I receive Credit for my Time.

Bill :

Thank you

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Bill for the quick response and excellent information on this matter. I would also like to ask a few more questions regarding the use of herbs with Zoloft. I hope this is okay to do since I have been having a hard time finding anyone knowledgeable in the area because there is so little research done on the affects and use of herbs with the SSRI class of anti-depressants.

The main reason I am considering taking a herbs that are know to help the liver is because I came down with Mono about a month ago. I read that "Milk Thistle, Dandelion Root, Burdock Root and Yellow Dock Root," all help a great deal in healing the Liver, clearing out the Gall Bladder, and healing the Spleen.

My question is do you know if any of these other herbs I listed are dangerous with Zoloft as well? Also are there any other resources you know of that I can use to see which herbs are dangerous if combined with Zoloft? Lastly is there at least a listing of herbs that are know to be dangerous if combined with Zoloft or any other type of SSRI?

Thanks for all the help,



There are some herbs that effect the Serotonin levels as such as St. Johns Wart and Ginko Biloba...Taking St. John's wort or ginkgo biloba along with Zoloft might raise the levels of serotonin in your brain to a dangerous level, causing serotonin syndrome.

I understand the positive effect that the Milk Thistle can have in your situation. Again:

Risks vs Benefits must be weighed in consultation with your Prescribing Physician to insure that the combination is proper for you.

Otherwise, all should be okay..............Notify your doctor if you take any herbs or supplements before taking Zoloft.

Kind Regards, Bill

I appreciate your positive rating so that I receive credit for my time.

Thanks Adam and all the best to you!

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