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What is a good way to choose a Mental Health provider to

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What is a good way to choose a Mental Health provider to seek treatment for OCD and anxiety? I am currently chewing my tongue and the inside of my cheeks and am told that it is likely due to anxiety. I believe I suffer from OCD. But, I am having a hard time trying to schedule an appointment. The office that I'd like to try has on their website that I should go to my MD first and have them make sure it is not something else. My MD just gave me a list of psychiatrists in the area and told me to choose one. So, I'm stuck in the middle without a plan.
Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.
It can be difficult to know which provider would work for you. And if you are getting contradictory information, it makes your search even harder.
The therapist group you chose sounds like they are just being thorough. It is often recommended that you see your doctor first when you have any symptom just to eliminate the possibility that what you have is not caused by a physical issue. You don't want to be treating this as a mental health issue until you are sure it is not a physical one. So what they are recommending is good. If you have already seen your doctor though, you can disregard this recommendation.
You can find a good therapist in many ways. But key to which therapist you choose is finding one that fits your needs. For example, a therapist that works out for one person may not be what you are looking for. A therapist needs to not only be a good personality fit, but also provide the type of therapy you are seeking. So talking to a few therapists over the phone or in person can help you screen which one provides what you need.
Here are ways to increase the chances you find someone that is best suited to help you:
Screen therapists on line. Here is a site that helps you do that:
This site allows you to see the therapist's photo, read something the therapist has posted about their view of therapy and their experience and get information about their location and the areas they specialize in. That can help you narrow down who you feel most comfortable with. And if you want someone who specializes in OCD/anxiety, this will be a useful tool.
It also helps to be familiar with the credentials of therapists. Anyone who is a Master's level and above (PhD) is required.
Experience also is needed, especially in the area you are concerned about having anxiety and/or OCD. Here is a list of therapist's credentials:
Contact local universities and colleges. Many of them have psychology programs and can recommend a therapist based on what you need.
Self help is also an option you can consider in addition to therapy. By educating yourself about your diagnosis, you can know more about what you need to feel better. Here are some resources to help:
I hope this has helped you,
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