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hello, i am 28 yr Old male i went to a mental hospitel

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hello, i am 28 yr Old male

i went to a mental hospitel to get myself check up for bipolar as one of my friend who was doing MBBS complains me that i might have bipolar symtoms.. so i went to a hospital in 2010 march. they diagnos three symptoms and i think one of them was ADHD and other is some copy thing and third one i cant remember..i dont have that report that with me now as i misplaced it.. i didnt take any medicenes for anything.. but currently i am experiencing a huge problem regarding my nature.. as i was writing a book in 2011 and for some reasons i couldnt complete t and usually i cant complete any work,i start things with very good entusiasm and josh but soon i started to loose interest..and then i switch to some another work like in 2009 i started to make paintings and fill up a form for a exhibition too but after 2-3 months i totally left it.. i dunno why am nt steady.. i cant remember people faces and instances or places where i met them or how they know me.. but once they start narrating things about me and their meeting..i start recollecting.. i cant remember the story of my book even..i know main instances but i dnt know what and where i wrote.. i always seem confused abt everything.. i go with people choices mainly.. i sleep for either very long time or sometime just for 4 hrs or some time i dnt sleep even more than 24 mind is restless and keep on searching something that i dunno whats all cause me a lot of frustation and inner problems that i cant share.. whats wrong with me.. shd i get a MRI or what?? i may be forgetting something to tell u but i described whatever i can

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Hi there... I'm sorry to hear about your troubles, it sounds like you are concerned and frustrated. First off, if you have noticed a change in your functioning, then something is probably going on, although it doesn't necessarily mean that it's a mental illness. Have you talked to your primary care physician about what you're going through? A discussion with a medical professional combined with a medical work-up (blood tests, etc) is a good first step to rule out any medical problems that could be causing your problems.

AHDH is an attention deficit disorder that causes problems with attention/ concentration, distractibility, etc. Memory problems aren't a common symptom, although people with ADHD can have trouble retaining information because they have trouble focusing (e.g., they have trouble reading because they are distracted/ can't focus on what they are reading so they have trouble retaining the information they've read). ADHD is usually diagnosed in childhood, so these problems that you're having should've been present since then. Did you have any of these symptoms when you were in school?

Bipolar Disorder, which you also mentioned, is a mood disorder characterized by periods of elevated mood (e.g., increased energy levels, decreased need for sleep, racing thoughts, rapid/ pressured speech, feelings of euphoria or irritability) and periods of depressed mood (basically the opposite of the symptoms described above). From your description, it sounds like you may have experienced some of these symptoms -- what do you think?

An MRI wouldn't be able to diagnose a mental illness, like ADHD or Bipolar Disorder, and I think a doctor would recommend a full medical work-up before referring you for an MRI. So again, if you haven't already done so, I would recommend making an appointment with your primary care physician as a first step. If you have seen your physician recently and the results were all normal, then I would recommend making an appointment with a mental health professional -- like a psychologist or psychiatrist for a full psychiatric evaluation. I am only able to provide you with general information to help answer some of your questions, but I can't provide any diagnoses without doing an evaluation in person.

I hope this information has been helpful. If you have further questions, I'm happy to answer them.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

that is okay, i went to the hosp in 2010 and they did several tests on me.and i think but am nt sure that they write ADHD and two more disease in it.. they were psychiatrist.. in childhood also am very unstable and cant concentrate on a thing minds wander a lot.. i used to forget keys, papers etc..its common till now ..also my sexuallibido is very high and i without second thought indulge in sexual activites and repent later..more of these sexual activvites are online..i hardly meet people..even i did put a brroom in my ass.. i am quite submissive sexuallly and also in my life i feel people approval but dnt like if they think am their slave..i mean i feel and have good creativity in many feilds in which i work.. am engg by proffession but i do write, manage people, paint but cant concentrate on a thing..i think am nt able to make u understand whats the problem is

Thanks for your response. I think I understand what you are going through -- you have provided good descriptions and examples -- but I can't definitively diagnose anybody whom I have not evaluated in person, I can only provide information and recommendations.

What did the psychiatrist at the hospital recommend when you went there in 2010? In any case, it sounds like these symptoms remain a significant problem to you, and I would recommend seeing a psychiatrist again. The problems you have described could be related to ADHD or Bipolar Disorder, but again, they require further evaluation in person. Do you have a psychiatrist that you have seen in the community that you could make an appointment with? Or know of any through friends/ family? Alternatively, you could contact your health insurance carrier to ask for a list of mental health professionals in your area. From what you described, it seems like this evaluation could take place on an outpatient basis. However, if you are feeling like you can't function in your current condition (or feel like harming yourself or others) then I would recommend going directly to a hospital for an evaluation. Once you have been evaluated in person, the doctor may recommend medication that could help your symptoms, or make other types of recommendations. But again, this can't happen until you have met with someone in person.

Does that help to answer your question?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Relist: Answer quality.
i want a information regarding, what it can be and what shd i do..i said i had been to mental hosp once so what to do after 2yrs
I'm sorry that you were not satisfied with my response, but I believe that I did provide you with the information that you asked for. First, I told you that the symptoms you described could be consistent with either ADHD or Bipolar Disorder (as there is a good deal of overlap between the symptoms of these disorders). Second, I understand that you went to the hospital in 2010, but that was over two years ago. I made recommendations about what you should do next, but it seems that you are not satisfied with that response. Again, I'm sorry that you are not satisfied with my responses, but again, I believe that I answered your questions to the extent possible.
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