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My son is 9 year old. Last night I found he was reading online

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My son is 9 year old. Last night I found he was reading online articles about "forced anal sex". He typed in these words on google and follow the links there. He went through about 10 articles there. What should I do?
Talk to him about it. But do it calmly and without any accusations or assumptions about why he was doing it. This may have been something he heard at school. Let him know that if he has questions he should come to you. And the last thing to do is put a security on the computer so he can only access appropriate sites.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I tried to talk to him. Actually several days earlier when I found he did similar things - going online and reading articles about sex, I had a talk with him. I told him it was normal to be curious about sex. I told him he could come to me with any questions. Another phrase he searched was "I am a rape victim". He did tell me he heard it from an older friend (13 years old). It seems that he has been reading articles for a while.


Should I make an appointment with a psychologist for my son?

Are there any behaviors besides his internet search that concerns you?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I didn't see other related behaviors besides reading articles. My son only plays with boys, usually older than his age.

I wouldn't send him to a psychologist. You might want to start talking to him about sex education. Start to inform him on some of this misinformation he gets on the playground. Additionally, you might want to talk withe the school or his teachers about things he is hearing so they can keep an eye out. And lastly, monitor the computer use. Put a child security lock to block those websites. Keep communication open with him and no freaking out so that he feels comfortable talking to you. The book How to Talk to Your Kids About Sex is very good and informative. Maybe also monitor who he hangs around with.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So you are saying I don't need to "freak out"?Smile

I am saying don't freak out until you know the facts. The facts suggest that there is talk on the playground and he is curious. That's it.
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