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My 71 year old mother is showing signs of psychosis -

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Hello - my 71 year old mother is showing signs of psychosis - accusing my sister of stealing and her brother of abuse - insomnia, rapid thoughts, and paranoia. She has had several episodes of this behaviour in the past - every five years or so. We are worried about her as she lives on her own. She is on low dose olanzaprine but not sure if she's taking it at the moment. It's a Saturday and so her gp surgery is closed. Any advice would be much appreciated. Heidi
Any medical issues? When did the psychosis start? Does the medication help? How is her hygiene and ability to care for herself? How is her memory?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

she hasn't got any medical issues aside from being on thyroxine. Her olanzopine - anti psychotic med - helped psychosis but made her very out of it. She's scaled down to 2.5 mg this year. The psychosis seems to have come on in past month or so.Her hygiene etc is fine, but her memory is poor.

the solution is to make sure she is taking her medication. The meds have helped with her behaviors. Is there someone that can ensure she takes them regularly? I might also suggest talking with her doctor about doing a dementia screening. The symptoms of dementia can mimic psychosis. In addition, urinary tract infections can also cause these symptoms. Those two things should be ruled out first before treating just the psychosis.
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