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My 13 year old grandson who used to be happy is now sad all

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My 13 year old grandson who used to be happy is now sad all the time. Yesterday he told my daughter is mother it's better not to like anyone because your always disappointed. He avoids is mother as much as he can never speaks to her unless he needs too. He spends as much time on his computer as they let him, I hate this my daughter always checks what he is doing beacuse the computer is in the living room he plays this game called minecraft on line with his friends it seems harmless. He also siad Newtown did not bother him. I know iit's not drugs. Where do we start? Charles XXXXXXX

Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.
It sounds like there could be a couple of things your grandson is struggling with. One is that on set of puberty. Often, teens will become depressed seemingly without cause. It is usually due to hormones and the number of emotions they are trying to cope with. Suddenly they are faced with more choices in life, a desire to be independent yet they are still dependent and peer pressure. Teens can easily become moody and distance themselves from parents and other caregivers that they were once close to.
The other possibility is that he is depressed. If he has gone through any recent stressors such as a loss, lifestyle change or difficulty at school, he could be reacting to what happened. And sometimes, people can become depressed for no reason.
The first step you should take should be to get your grandson a check up with his doctor, just to be sure he is healthy and his symptoms are not related to anything physical. If he is cleared by his doctor, then the next step is to have him see a therapist for an evaluation. His doctor can recommend someone or you can search for one near you at
You can also learn more about depression so you can help your grandson. Here are some resources to help:
Here are some links for you:
While it is ok that your grandson plays video games, you can also try to get him to join the family for activities and/or also take him out with you just for some time together. He may complain, but by doing something with him, you can strengthen that bond between you. Also, give him a chance to talk with you. Sometimes just talking can help a lot.
I hope this has helped you,
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