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Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of a variety of mental health issues.
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I have been in a relationship for 6 years and I love my

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I have been in a relationship for 6 years and I love my partner, however I am bored and flat with life. I avoid sex because I don't feel like it and this is causing problems. I feel like we shouldn't be having these problems at this stage. We are not married. We are best friends and that's about it.
I feel like our relationship is not going anywhere.
I really want the spark back and I know he feels the same, we just don't know how to find it.
My parents split when I was 20 years old and part of the reason is that mum lost the spark and was not happy in her relationship. I don't want to end up like that.

It is excellent that you are asking for help. Every relationship can become boring but with work it doesn't have to be. One suggestion I usually give is to work on dating again. This can take the form of date night where you get dressed up and engage in activities that bring you back to that place again. You should engage in dating again so that you are focused on what you enjoy about each others company. This is especially helpful when things have become stale. This takes the focus away from the mundane day to day stuff that brings a relationship down. Put extra effort into these nights so it is important for you to do the same.

Also do little things for each other. Leave a note in him in his suit pocket, write something on the mirror in the bathroom, have a candlelight dinner in your livingroom, leave sexy messages. You get the idea. You have to work on fresh at times

If you want my favorite guide on relationships and communication pick up Mars and venus in a committed relationship

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