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Category: Mental Health
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I am 46 years old and have a good and regular family life. I

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I am 46 years old and have a good and regular family life. I have a lot of problems that come to the surfise know and then. I read some about Asperger (form of autism).
Is there a way to handle these typical problems i have without getting so tired. The worst problem is that i don.,t have any self respect (not typical for asperger by the way)

Thank you for your post. Sorry to keep you waiting. Having the traits and symptoms of Aspergers can create challenges on a dailly basis.

Persons with Asperger's experience difficulty reading nonverbal cues such as body language. They often have trouble determining things like appropriate body space. They are often overly sensitive to tastes, smells sounds, and sights. People with Asperger's can prefer things like specific foods, soft clothes, and may be bothered by lights or sound that nobody else appears to see or hear. They perceive the world differently, so it is important to remember that it is their neurological differences that cause these behaviors and not intentional rudeness, bad behavior, a lack of intelligence, or, "bad parenting."

Persons with Asperger's syndrome have a regular I.Q. - Many people affected by the disorder have exceptional skills or talents related to a specific area.They often have an average/regular I.Q. Due to their high degree of functionality and naivete, persons with Asperger's are many times seen as being either odd or eccentric and may become the victims of either bullying or teasing. Persons with Asperger's syndrome tend to take things very literal and have a hard time using language in social contexts. During social interactions, persons with Asperger's may avoid the gaze of another person and turn away from them, even as they greet the other person. While they may want to interact with others, they have trouble knowing how to do so. They are capable of learning how to interact with others, much in the same way anyone else would learn a new skill. While they may have a more difficult time doing so, adults with Asperger's syndrome can have relationships, families, as well as both happy and productive lives. You mentioned you have a good and regular family life.

When you say you get tired- it's exhuasting trying to overcompensate for the challenges and struggles, working hard to fit into society and the expectations that may come more natural for others. It's a great help that your wife is so supportive. Learning more about this may offer insight for both you and your wife.There is no one single treatment method for Aspergers. Treatment involves addressing the core symptoms of the disorder.

Treatment for the symptoms of Aspergers often involves a focus on addressing the thinking patterns, communication skills, obsessive or repetitive routines.

If you are identifying with many of the symptoms of Adult Aspergers Disorder the common treatment for that disorder is: cognitive behavioral therapy, and social skills training. It may be bes to seek out a therapist who is more familar with the disorder.

To find a therapist in your area go the this link: Once on the website there is a link to find a therapist/specialist in your area. Once you enter your zip code a list of therapists will come up. On the left side of that page there is a link for "issues" to get more specific treatment for the aspergers. The other option would be to seek out a therapist who specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Also on the home page of the Psychology Today website there is a link for "get help" and you can click on Aspergers for additional information.

If you have additional comments or questions please post. I will be notified of your post and will get back to you asap.
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