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I think my wife has OCD. CAn it be cured? Who should we see

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I think my wife has OCD. CAn it be cured? Who should we see to verify a psychitrist or neurologist?
Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.

If you feel your wife has OCD, she can be seen by any qualified therapist. Someone with a Master's degree, Ph.D or a psychiatrist is qualified to do an evaluation to determine if your wife has enough symptoms to determine if she has OCD or another diagnosis. Here is a resource to help you with a therapist's qualifications:

A neurologist on the other hand deals more with physical disorders of the brain. They do not diagnose psychological disorders.

I hope this has helped you,
Also, to find a therapist, try this resource:

They provide the therapist's degree as well as experience, making it easier to find someone who your wife feels comfortable with.

Did you need any further information? I noticed that you added a question about OCD being cured. It did not appear with the original question, sorry about that. OCD is not curable at this point, but it is managed very well with medications, therapy and self help.

If you have OCD, there are many things you can do to help yourself cope with these thoughts and compulsions. The trick is trying many things to find what works for you.

OCD thoughts can be handled through a variety of ways:

Learn to relax- this helps a lot because one of the main issues with OCD thoughts and compulsions is the anxiety experienced with them, triggering the urge to act out. So learning how to keep calm when dealing with these thoughts can help. Here is a link to help your wife learn Progressive Relaxation, one of the best ways to control anxiety:

Have your wife write down her thoughts- by keeping a journal so she have a place to express her thoughts when they do bother her. It can also help to go back and see her progress or look at repeating patterns and how she handled them.

Make a list of activities- things she can do to distract herself when she does experience OCD thoughts. Exercise, calling someone or watching a movie for example.

Make sure your wife gives herself a break- realize that OCD is caused by physical imbalances in the brain as well as anxiety. So telling herself things like "This is just a physical response and it is not my fault" or "I can control this any way I want" and doing another activity instead of giving in helps as well.

Do not give the obsession meaning- The more she focuses on it, the more importance she gives it. So treat it like it's nothing. "It's only my thoughts. It does not mean anything".

Cognitive behavior therapy can help a lot as well. It assists the person in "retraining" their brain to think other thoughts and calming themselves so they don't feel the need to respond to the thoughts as much. And a therapist can help with exposure response prevention as well. It helps to have the support.

You and your wife can read as much as you can about OCD and how to address it. The more you educate yourself, the better chance you will find things you can do to help yourself.

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