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To follow up, I felt a lot better after I discovered the root

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To follow up, I felt a lot better after I discovered the root of my anxiety being work related. But then an hour before bed, I had another major panic attack. Does this mean that work ISN'T the cause of my problem and its something else? Or is it just left over anxiety that I haven't worked through yet because I haven't seen a counselor or therapist yet?
It could just mean that you have established a pattern of anxiety that leads to panic attacks. That is often how panic starts. Once you have one attack, you live in fear of another. And ironically, the fear of having another panic attack is what causes the next attack. It becomes a thought pattern that you feel you cannot control. That is why addressing the anxiety through therapy and self help is so effective (even what you are doing now by posting here helps you). Both help you to break that thought pattern so you learn not to fear the next panic attack and you can stop the cycle of anxiety.

Some of the best ways to help yourself is to start a journal (or even just a piece of paper will do) and write down your thoughts throughout the day. Learn the pattern of thinking that you have and note the times when you feel more anxious. What were you thinking then?

Also, when you do feel panic starting to come on, tell yourself to relax. Let your muscles go and float into the panic. This may seem impossible to do at first because your instinct is to tighten up in fear. But the more you can relax, the faster the panic dissipates and the quicker the attack is over.

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