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I just lost my beloved Cavailer Spaniel and I am utterly

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Hi, I just lost my beloved Cavailer King Charles Spaniel and I am utterly devastated. He was only 8 years old, and like so many purebred dogs, developed a heart murmur when he was 6. It apparently got much worse and he passed away in my arms after several days of misery. I took him in to see his regular veterinarian who said the heart had gotten much worse. He arranged for a cariac ultrasound on Tuesdaym but it was too late, Foster died on Sunday. I know I can't change anything that led to his loss,l but I am wondering if you have had any experience in counselling people who have lost a dear pet, or if you yourself have suffered this type of loss and lived through it. I am beside myself with grief.

Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.
I understand your pain. I have also lost pets including two Cocker Spaniels in the past. It is not easy to lose a pet. Many people feel that the loss of a pet is not as significant, but in many ways, the loss is just as powerful, especially when your pet dies before you expected.
Initially, the grief can be very powerful and hard to cope with. You think of your dog all the time and maybe even think you see him or hear him. There are many reminders and each time you think of your pet, you may feel sad or cry. As painful as this is, it is part of the mourning process. It allows you to express your pain and as you do, you are learning to cope with your loss.
One thing that can help you heal is memorializing your dog. Find a way to create a lasting memory through an on line post in pet memorial sites, a special marker for your pet, or even a small area in your home where you place all the special toys and bowls from your dog. By honoring your dog, it can allow you to do something special and in a way, you feel better taking action and expressing your loss through showing your love for your pet.
Also, be sure to talk to others about your loss. If you don't have many people to talk with or they don't understand, try writing about your loss either on line with other pet owners or in a journal.
Most of all, give yourself time. You will find that as time goes on, you remember the good times more than the loss of your dog. And do keep in mind, you gave your dog a wonderful life. He was loved and cared for and that means a lot.
I hope this has helped you,
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