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Dr. Keane
Dr. Keane, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
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Experience:  Clinical Psychology PhD, Licensed Professional Counselor with experience in marriage/family, teens and child psychology.
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Starting a project and 30 seconds later starting another. Never

Customer Question

Starting a project and 30 seconds later starting another. Never finishing one before starting another. Such as folding close for 1 minute and changing to sweeping the floor, then moving to washing dishes before finishing sweeping.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. Kaushik replied 4 years ago.

Hi there,


Welcome to Just answer !


Well such kind of frequent switching from one task to another without completion of any of them thereby leading to poor productivity is often seen in a mood disorder like Bipolar disorder , which i believe has not been ruled out in case of this person. In bipolar disorder there is racing of thoughts in mind meaning that thoughts are being generated at a such a rapid rate that the person looses focus briskly from one task and moves onto another and this pattern goes on and on thereby effecting overall productivity.


I will like to ask you a few queries regarding the person in question so as to gain more insight into her problem..


1) is she overly energetic , over talkative , lacks inhibition, has inflated self esteem and sense of overconfidence in her abilities ?


2) does she believe that she has some special supernatural powers or that she is superior over others in some way or the other ?


3) does she sleep very less , such as only 3-4 hrs at night but is still very energetic and fresh the next day ?


4) does she hear non - existent voices and mutters to self when alone as if talking to someone who is apparently not visible to the naked eye of the onlooker ?


5) Since how long a duration has she been suffering from this condition ?


6) When did her symptoms start and were they precipitated by any significant life event or not ?


7) Has she become overly religious or indulgent in spirituality which was not the case before ?


I will get back to you once you reply to my queries and then i shall provide you a more specific reply to your primary question.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

1. No

2. No

3. She stays up late because she cannot sleep, she might sleep 2 to 4 hours on work days. On days off she is up late and will sleep for 10 to 12 hours.


5.5 years

6. It seems as if this was a gradual progression to this point.

7. No


She has had 2 "grandma seizures" in the past 2 years. She was cleared with an MRI, blood tests and other tests for MS, etc.

Expert:  Dr. Kaushik replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for the inputs..


Well your answers to my queries rules out possibility of Bipolar disorder as of now.


I believe that it is underlying ADHD which has been progressively worsening over the years or has not been well controlled by a not so balanced drug regime as the real reason behind her symptoms and leading to decompensation / functional impairment ( i.e impairment in the functioning of professional, social and interpersonal domains of life).


I will like to ask you about the various ADHD drug regime that she has been tried on with their respective doses and also mention the current drug regime, as i will like to offer some constructive suggestions regarding a more balanced and effective drug regime which shall get her ADHD well under control.thereby alleviating her present symptoms.



Customer: replied 4 years ago.

She is taking Adrial for the ADHD. An occasional Xanax for anxiety. They have tried Colonapin but she cannot function with this med.

Expert:  Dr. Kaushik replied 4 years ago.

You mean to say she is currently taking Adderall ?


What dose of adderall is she taking and since how long a duration is this drug being taken?


I will get back to you once you reply to these queries.