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I suffer from GAD and OCD. I just wanted to ask about the

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I suffer from GAD and OCD. I just wanted to ask about the following that happened last night....basically I'm really worried I was having paranoid delusional thoughts and might be schizophrenic!
Basically I have not been feeling well and have been on Paracetamol for severe tonsillitis, my GAD/OCD has made me really worried about overdosing on paracetamol so I'm extremely cautious that I do not exceed the recommended dose. Anyway I made a lemsip (With paracetamol last night which took me up to my max amount allowed for the24 hour period, and as I was in the toilet I heard my cup and spoon (for stirring) jingle, my girlfriend must of banged into it, but straight away a thought popped into my head "What if she added more paracetamol?"
I know this is absurd and the likelihood of someone, especially a loved one doing that is millions upon millions to one, but I couldn't shift the thought, I became uncomfortable drinking the lemsip after (Although I did) and the thought caused me a great deal of distress although I knew it was a silly thought, but I just couldn't let it go. Anyway I had a good night’s sleep, but this morning the thought crept up on me again, and I checked our medical cupboard and confirmed no further paracetemol was missing, and therefore doubly confirmed she hadn't done anything!! But I knew this, and the act of checking made me feel like I might of actually believed she did (vicious circle), and then I started thinking was I acting in a delusional manner?! I know this all sounds so strange, but it's been playing on my mind all day and upsetting me.
I have an absolute fear of being diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Does this sound like it's nothing more than OCD/Paranoia/Intrusive thoughts, or do you believe it could be more than that, could it be a truly delusional paranoid thought.
I just want to add I never thought my girlfriend would do that, but the billion to one chance of anything could happen kept lodging in my brain and causing this thought pattern resulting in me checking the medical supplies!
Thanks for your time. Worried Gareth
From what I can gather, it sounds like severe anxiety with OCD features. If this is the first time that the thoughts have been stuck like this than I would say it is anxiety. If you find yourself ruminating on other things without being able to stop the thoughts then I would look further into another diagnosis. I would suggest getting a psychological evaluation and work towards reducing the OCD symptoms so you can get rid of this burden. But to answer your question, no schizophrenia at this time.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for your reply, I have had similar worries that I know are absurd, such as contracting HIV and other irrational worries. I tend to become obsessed and ruminate (Googling and asking for reassurance - as in this instance ><) Does this mean your comment

"If you find yourself ruminating on other things without being able to stop the thoughts then I would look further into another diagnosis"

Means it could be schizophrenia, or I should look more toward OCD? Thanks Again

I think it is more about OCD. It is obsessing about things to the point where it actually becomes a hindrance more than a coping mechanism. I highly suggest going to get evaluated and start treatment for this. It sounds like you are ready.
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