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Dr. Kaushik
Dr. Kaushik, Psychiatrist
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My 15 year old son has been diagnosed with OCD he never

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My 15 year old son has been diagnosed with OCD he never ventures outside the house through fear of germs etc, he constantly washes his hands and hasn't been to school for some months. He's currently doing counselling and hopefully help is not far away, however he refuses to take any medication through fear of as he says " i don't want to be a zombie". I feel so sad especially at night. My wife said I may have depression, should I see a doctor?.

Hi there,

Welcome to Just answer !

I empathize with you as you seem to be under a lot of stress owing to your son's OCD condition.

I will like to ask you a few queries so as to gain more insight into your condition ?

1) Since how long a duration are you feeling sad ?

2) Is this sad feeling pertinent to your son's uncontrolled ocd ?

3) Is the sad feeling impairing your ability to function professionally , socially , interpersonally ?

4) Are you open to trying out a drug regime to manage your particular problem which in it's own way can set a good example to your kid allaying his fears and pre-conceived notions about the use of psychoactive drugs.

I will get back to you once you reply to my queries .


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Doctor I'm thinking it's due to my sons condition, the family is under a great deal of stress as we try to accommidate his requests but lately it's becoming very difficult as he has a very poor diet. he no longer eats any processed foods and he must monitor his dinner step by step with his mother. At dinner time he doesn't want anyone in the house which means myself and his sister must either be outside or upstairs while mum prepares dinner for him. He only has one meal a day and it really worries me, as he refuses to take Zoloft it just makes the situation harder for us. His ocd is so bad that whilst he washes his hands constantly he can go for 2 months without a shower I personally find this hard to comprehend. With reference to your comments on taking medication I already take medication for an angima attach I had back in 2001. I'm thinking he's thinking of our older daughter who has tourettes and was on medication for a while which did give her mood swings etc, but thankfully she's now med free for the past 18 months and has lost a lot of weight and her self confidence has grown tremendously. Whilst I'm feeling sad it's probably a by product of my son's condition permeating to myself. All I want is the best help for him so I can have my real boy back. At the moment he's with Austin mental health in Melbourne CAHMS and they seem really good so far. But my real concern is that I'm not sure how long can put up with his extroadinary demands etc. He's told us that he will go back to school this year but honestly I'm doubting he'll go through with it with intervention of medication to reduce he's stress levels. Sorry for banging on so much but I'm really at my whits end.

Thanks for the inputs..

Well i must admit that what you and your family are going through at the moment no one else can remotely experience that or claim to do so and i honestly offer my humble support and empathy for you and your family and i pray that your son gets better as soon as possible.

Having said that i will like to address here some hard facts such as your son's non compliance of zoloft and the absence of an anti psychotic drug like zyprexa or risperdal or seroquel from his drug regime make the chances bleak for him to recover from his OCD if this kind of pattern is allowed to continue further.

Basically what i am trying to suggest to you here is that your son's OCD has started compromising his overall health , along with impairment of his ability to function in the three most important domains of life such as professional , social and interpersonal domains , all of which sum up together to declare that his OCD has caused a visible Decompensation / Functional Impairment which is reason enough for you to seriously contemplate after much deliberation and discussion with your spouse and significant family members about getting your son Sectioned / Involuntary committed , ofcourse also expressing about the same and working out the intricacies involved in that with the medical center he is being treated with. You see no matter how much he tries but his OCD has taken over his own will power and is calling the shots here , so no common logic and reasoning shall prevail over his OCD which shall continue to govern his lifestyle and make his condition worse.

So what is required right now is a supervised monitoring and treatment under direct guidance of a psychiatrist in an indoor psychiatry facility and since he will be most reluctant to comply to admission in such a facility since he lacks insight into his own illness , therefore sectioning him seems to be the most plausible solution for getting your son back to normal and out of the clutches of OCD which is deteriorating every moment , even as we speak.

Now as far as you are concerned , it comes with the human nature to feel pain for our loved ones who are suffering and enduring hardships in life and so we humans develop depression when we find ourselves helpless in offering solution to the problem. So yes i agree with your wife , perhaps the stress of the surrounding environment has taken over and caused what is called as Reactive depression which needs to be evaluated and validated though. So i believe at this juncture of life where almost every member of your family has been sharing your sentiments of low mood , it will be best for all of you to seek Family therapy together from a psychologist and learn coping skills to manage the stress levels , which invariably will help for your own reactive depression. You by all means can also seek Individual counseling such as CBT ( Cognitive Behavior Therapy ) from the psychologist for yourself if the depression persists too long or becomes decompensating / functionally impairing.

However since we know the cause of your present state of mind which is leading to your low mood / possible depression , so once that gets treated you will automatically come out of the phase that you are currently dealing with.

I hope this helps.

Wish you and your son all the best and speedy recovery.

Please kindly leave a Positive rating if you are satisfied with the answer as only then will i be credited for my service.

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