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When I was little I can remember my grandpa touched me once,

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When I was little I can remember my grandpa touched me once, putting his hand onderneth my underware. I dont have any further knowledge of it happening again or before that. I can remember that I started masturbating at an early age, putting objects in my private areas, a friend I I have "played" with each other almost every day. It is driving me crazy as I started to have insomnia now, I pretend to be someone that I am not, I am so restless that I have to take a drive everyday on my own for at least 30min plus. It feels as if I am going to loose my mind. Do you think it happend more than once and was it mabe more severe than touching that I just cant remember?  If you think so do you think it will be adviceable to go and see a psychiatrist?  I am scared to death that I have waited too long and is started to have a personality disorder.  I have a low self esteem, talking to myself every time I have a chance, I dont sleep and I am anxios all day long, very irratable and dont want to be around people but I also dont want to be alone.  Why is it happening now? Have I lost my mind - please dont expose my identity

Can I ask when did the anxiety and restless start? Anything else going on in your life that is causing you stress?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No nothing else is going on. I have started to dream that same touching insident and it started there, although I have to say it has always botherd me. I feel kind of different from other people around me. I always knew that it is not normal to play with yourself or private parts and certainly not normal for a 6 year old girl to stick things into herself. and I have never spoken to anyone about this after my mother said you are sick and crazy to do these type of thing to yourself. how would I know at that age to do those things if he only touched me once? is it posible that there is more to it?

There is no way of knowing for sure if there was more than one incident. Could all of your anxiety stem from one incident; probably so. I think it is time to start talking about this and working through all of these feelings you have. Maybe it has come to a head and it's time to get it out. So, I would say talk with a therapist and see what comes about. If anything, the therapist can help you cope with some of your anxiety. What do you think about that?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I will see someone with a pleasure, is the anxiety normal? or does it sound like I have developed a personality disorder aswel? would it be best to see a psycologist or a pshychiatrist? just show us how damaging an experience like that is!

I don't think it is a personality disorder. You would have developed a personality disorder in your teens. Sounds like pure anxiety to me. I would see a psychologist first to explore if anything else may be causing the anxiety and to see treatment options besides medication. The psychologist can do a full assessment and if needed, refer you to a psychiatrist.
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