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Dr. Vikas
Dr. Vikas, Psychiatrist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 2253
Experience:  MBBS ; M.D Psychiatry, MS. Health Informatics
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I recently quit smoking marijuana about 6 days ago. Well in

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Hello. I recently quit smoking marijuana about 6 days ago. Well in a sense that I was no longer doing it multipal times a day. I did smoke at night 2 nights ago just to try an ween off of it. HOwever, about an hour or so ago, I started to feel odd in my chest, and then my hands started getting tingley and then all of a sudden the tingling increased so much that it was actually difficult to move all my fingers. My parents told me to just breathe a lot and walk around which I did. The tingle-ness went away after some times, but now my head feels light and I'm super scared. I'm having a hard time relaxing. My mom did take my blood pressure because she has a machine and she said it was normal. I'm super scared, and I feel very weird. Can you help with some insight into what I could have went through.
Dr Vikas : Hello billy
Customer: Hello
Dr Vikas : In a physically fit and health patient with no prior or current history of medical illness, these symptoms can be because of anxiety.
Dr Vikas : Many patients who quit smoking Marijuan or still while taking may start experiencing anxiety / panic attacks with symptoms like the one you have mentioned.
Dr Vikas : I am assuming that you are physically fit and healthy.
Customer: is this legit because you spelled marijuana wrong
Dr Vikas : It is a typing mistake.
Dr Vikas : :)
Customer: okay i'm just making sure because i've never done this
Dr Vikas : I am a psychiatrist.
Customer: my hands became extremely shakey to the point where i thought it would take over my whole body
Customer: i mean tingley
Dr Vikas : Are you physically fit and healthy?
Customer: i am physically fit and healthy
Customer: i just fell into a bad habit of smoking in college
Customer: but i decided to quit
Dr Vikas : No history of any past or active medical illness?
Customer: nope ive never been to the hospital for anything but stiches
Dr Vikas : OK, good, so it is likely that what you are experiencing could be a anxiety attack after quitting marijuana.
Customer: i thought maybe weening myself off of it
Customer: by only doing it at night
Customer: i'm not craving it though.
Customer: but i want to make the transition much easier
Customer: and this panic attack of whatever it was is freaking me out
Dr Vikas : Yes, Marijuana consumption, even once can precipitate anxiety in some patients.
Customer: I'm just freaking myself out about having a seizure or stroke
Customer: which ive never had
Customer: but with withdrawals i guess you never know
Dr Vikas : To be sure, you can do a simple test. Just ask your GP / Family doctor to prescribe you a low dose of Clonazepam either .25 / .5 mg.
Dr Vikas : Clonazepam is a very effective antianxiety medicine and can control your symptoms easily.
Customer: well i did go to my psychiatrist today and she gave me 10mg of prozac or whatever the generic is
Customer: but i havent taken it or have gotten it filled because i'm so nervous it'll make it worse
Dr Vikas : OK, that is also a good option but for long term management.
Customer: do you have any suggestions how i can calm my head
Dr Vikas : In my opinion, SSRI antidepressant like Prozac may initially worsen the anxiety part themselves before start showing its effect.
Customer: can anxiety occur in your head as well?
Dr Vikas : And we usually prescribe a benzodiazepine such as Clonazepam to control that initial anxiety.
Customer: like can it affect your head by becoming light headed, or headache or something
Dr Vikas : yes, very true, all these symptoms are frequently reported by patient experiencing anxiety.
Customer: i'm just super scared right now and i'm shaking
Customer: but i do have a fan on my because i read it could help?
Customer: on me*
Dr Vikas :,panic,phobias.aspx
Dr Vikas : Copy and paste this link to know about symptoms of anxiety.
Dr Vikas : And don't worry, anxiety symptoms are not life threatening at all.
Customer: and i apologize about the typing mistake, i've just never done this before
Dr Vikas : That is why, I am telling you to ask your psychiatrist to prescribe you Klonopin for the time being to control these anxiety attacks till Prozac start showing its effect.
Dr Vikas : Prozac may take 7-10 days to show its effect.
Customer: and i havent had any alcohol in almost a year nor have i ever taken any other drugs (coke, meth, heroin, random pills people abuse, etc
Dr Vikas : don't worry about typing mistakes :)
Customer: my doctor won't perscribe any addictive meds because i do have an addictive personality
Dr Vikas : I can understand your situation.
Customer: which is why i quit smoking
Dr Vikas : You can ask him or here to prescribe it only on as and when needed basis to control the acute anxiety attacks.
Customer: are you located in the states because it might be different here
Customer: like idk if the uk does things differently or not
Dr Vikas : Well, I am not from states but the treatment protocol is same everywhere.
Customer: i do have night time teas
Customer: its 1042pm here
Customer: and such but i dont want to take anything that will make it worse
Dr Vikas : and every psychiatrist can prescribe benzodiazepines when needed in any patient.
Customer: i'm literally scrapping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to things to help ease things now
Dr Vikas : Well, I have told you the best possible option to control your acute anxiety attack.
Dr Vikas : Feeling worried all the time Fast or irregular heartbeats (palpitations) Feeling tired Sweating Unable to concentrate Face goes pale Feeling irritable Dry mouth Sleeping badly Muscle tension and pains Feeling depressed Trembling Numbness or tingling in fingers, toes or lips Breathing fast Dizziness Faintness Indigestion Passing water frequently Nausea, stomach cramps Diarrhoea
Customer: my hands did get super sweaty when i had my attack though
Dr Vikas : These are anxiety symptoms which a patient can experience while having anxiety.
Customer: so i should ask for benzos or kolonpin? but only for a temporary use?
Dr Vikas : Yes, you can ask your psychiatrist to prescribe you them initially for the time being to control these acute anxiety attacks. You can specifically ask for Klonopin wafer (mouth dissolving preparation)which can bring rapid relief within minutes to half an hour as it bypass gastric metabolism.
Dr Vikas : You can also try some relaxation techniques like deep breathing and see if helps.
Dr Vikas :
Dr Vikas : Klonopin is a benzodiazepine
Dr Vikas : Are you there billy?
Customer: yes i'm here
Customer: my head just feels pressure-ish
Customer: but maybe that's just me being worryish
Dr Vikas : Don't worry, most acute anxiety attack subside within 15-30 minutes by its own as seen in most cases.
Customer: it's been over an hour and a half
Dr Vikas : the more you panic and concentrate on this symptoms, the worse they will become.
Dr Vikas : OK, in that case they should subside very shortly
Customer: but i'm nervous if i try and sleep all the anxiety will just freak out in my body and shoot upwards towards my head
Dr Vikas : I have given you a link regarding Relaxation techniques.
Customer: you wouldnt reccommend smoking tonight just to relax right
Customer: i know thats bad
Customer: but is going cold turkey better or weening
Dr Vikas : You can try Deep Breathing or progressive relaxation technique.
Dr Vikas : No,in my view, you should avoid it totally now.
Customer: okay I will take your advice
Dr Vikas : Relaxation techniques can help you in sleeping also in addition to control the anxiety attacks.
Dr Vikas :
Customer: well i appreciate all of your great advice, it really is helping me
Dr Vikas : You are most welcome.
Customer: would there be anything you would say is a warning sign of something bad
Customer: or is that irrelevent because it would make things worse
Customer: i do think about things way more than i should
Dr Vikas : In case of anxiety attacks, it is irrelevant.
Customer: do you think i should eat anything, or will it make it worse
Dr Vikas : As I said before, the more you think or concentrate on symptoms, they will become worse.
Dr Vikas : Can eat, I don't think there is any problem in that :)
Dr Vikas : Light food can be taken without any problem.
Dr Vikas : Just try to distract yourself and this will also help.
Dr Vikas :,panic,phobias.aspx
Customer: and thank you for the links, the progressive relaxation technique does seem like it could go well
Dr Vikas : yes, it can be very helpful in your case.
Dr Vikas : Do you have any other question to ask?
Customer: Not that I can think of
Customer: i'm pretty sure i'm not forgetting anything
Dr Vikas : OK
Customer: do you have anything else to add before i go?
Dr Vikas : :)
Dr Vikas : In that case, may I discontinue the chat.
Dr Vikas : Wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year ahead.
Customer: wait real quick, do you think i should do the progressive relasxion asap?
Customer: or wait until i've calmed down?
Dr Vikas : you can try it right now :)
Dr Vikas : it can help.
Customer: okay! well thank you very much Dr. Vikas! i appreciate everything, i'm very happy i got to speak to you. i apologize for my rudeness earlier. i'm just scared.
Dr Vikas : No problem :)
Customer: but i'm going to do the relaxing thing now
Dr Vikas : Good.
Customer: thank you very much!!! :D
Dr Vikas : :)
Customer: and you may discontinue the chat any time'
Customer: thank you and Happy New Year if you already havent had it
Dr Vikas : If you are satisfied with my answer, please rate one of the positive ratings (3,4,5) as this is the only way how we are compensated for our time and expertise.Please take a moment to rate the answer. Kind regardsVikas
Customer: I def will! thank you!
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