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My wife cheated on me but her response is 1. she was using

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My wife cheated on me but her response is 1. she was using her dick pass because I cheated on her 8 yrs ago but not since and 2. she said I gave her permission to look for a boyfriend that we could both have fun with in a threesome. A friend of my wife told me shes been cheating on me much more behind my back, however the friend could be jelous of my wife because they used to compete in pageants and my wife won every time. So I don't know who to believe. In a panic mode I packed up my personal belongings and left while my wife was out of town both for the affair and the unexpected down turn of her mothers terminal cancer. After all is said, my wife blames me for abandoning the family and her with her dying mother than her actions. She wants a temporary trial separation. I told her I'd rather forgive, get councelling and try to salvage the marriage but she is acting cool and somewhat reluctant. I don't know what to do, go back and see if it works out of just get out now. HELP ME PLEASE!  PS:  I love my wife and I really believe she loves me too.

Your wife allowing you to come home is a good sign. Although cheating is a horrible thing to do horrible thing to do you are right in that it is possible to move past such an event. In counseling you could resolve this especially if she is angry about your cheating. That can be resolved with a professional but she has to be willing. Nothing is resolved by avoiding. You should approach her about the need for communication. You could work on this when you are in the home. Just remember that it takes two. Present to you wife the possibility that being in home together is a chance to move past this. If she is willing and with a professional you could move past this part in your relationship. Investigate communication guides.
Gage where your wife is. If she is partly open to reconciling then you know that there is hope. Use any opportunity to make progress. Be aware that if she wanted a divorce she would not allow you in the home. You have to decide what you want too. Nothing is hopeless until both of you want it to be
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