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I have brother who constantly lie, steal and manipulate

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I have brother who constantly lie, steal and manipulate people to get money or things that "shows" he is rich and successful. He was arrested a couple of times and even when we ask him at the police station what is going, he looks you in the eyes and lie in your face about it. He owed people thousands, but every time the same thing happens. I noticed that he has terrible mood swings and is very aggressive. If he bought a lot of new stuff, he is so happy and brags about it but when the going gets though, he is so aggressive and blames everyone around him. He does not have a job for long and when you ask him what he is doing, you cannot get a straight honest answer. He jumps from the one group of friends to the next every few months. He is very arrogant when everything is good but when he lands in jail, he cries and so on. He manipulates people to get money by using his charm. What is going on with him????

There are several possibilities here. Diagnosing online is very difficult but you can judge for yourself. First is the possibility that there is a mood disorder. Because bipolar swings both ways it is often possible that the surrounding friends and family will see a cycling of both moods. This can mean that there is a depressive state wherein the person feels depressed, irritability, angry, isolative, and hopeless. There is depression alone. Sometimes the person will shop to cover up this sadness because they are trying to fill a void which the person does fill but only for a short time. With bipolar this depression ends and mania begins. Mania is the other end with the person experiencing racing thoughts, compulsive behavior, irritability and again anger. These two shift and cause a cycling back and forth repeatedly.

Now the lying and manipulation can come with a mood disorder or it can come with a personality disorder. These disorders can produce hurtful and often destructive behavior. A borderline personality disorder for instance will lead a person to lie and deceive others with no regard for their feelings. The borderline is self centered and totally about their own needs. They have love and hate relationships with others and relationships are very superficial. The borderline is perpetually self absorbed.

A person can have both or a combination of these disorders.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have heard about the Borderline Personality Disorder before. He got out of jail and does not feel any guilt at all. Can a person take any medication for this or is the only outcome to see a psyochologist?