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I was required to have a psyche evaluation before I would be

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I was required to have a psyche evaluation before I would be approved for some surgery. I took the MMPI-2 and was invalidated because I scored too high on the K scale. I took my time, answered honestly and do not understand what went wrong. I was offered a retake, any thoughts as to what I did wrong? I am a youth pastor and don't believe I was being defensive nor do I have anything to "hide".
Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.
The MMPI-2 is one of the best assessment tools that we possess in the field of psychology. Even though this is true, it is far from a perfect measure. The K Scale, aka "defensiveness" scale, is one of the most subtle measures on the MMPI-2. It tries to detect if a person is trying to present themselves in the best possible way.
However, the K scale has been shown on the MMPI-2 to have difficulty measuring individuals who are highly educated and/or of higher socio economic status. Clergy, who have to be educated and who know how to speak to others about sensitive topics, sometimes have indirect speech as a part of their personalities in order to be able to talk to others about sensitive topics. This trait sometimes causes the K scale to score higher than would be considered the norm.
No test should be used as a sole assessment for any type of screening, but rather, as a part of a battery of tests including a thorough face to face evaluation with an experienced assessor such as a psychologist. Given that, you may want to ask that your testing be redone by another assessor and ask to have a battery of tests included so a clearer and more accurate result is obtained.
I hope this has helped you,
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Thank you very much for the positive rating!
My best to you, Kate
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I will retake the test on Jan7th. Do you have any advice? Also, how should I discuss this with the psychologist who administers the test? Thanks so much!


Hello, it's good to hear from you!
When you go in for the test, make sure you tell the truth. Many of the questions will repeat and the more honest you are, the better chance you have of accurate results. Also, be sure you do not speak to the psychologist giving the test. You do not want to appear to be manipulative in any way or that you are trying to get better results through talking to him/her. So don't talk to the person, just take the test and be as truthful as possible. That way, you can get the results you want.
My best to you!
Please remember to remember to rate my answers for each new/different question you ask. Thank you!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you for your help. Let's see how this goes this time.

You're welcome! I hope it all works out for you.