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Why would a man's IQ score be over 120 when a man, but only

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Why would a man's IQ score be over 120 when a young man, but only 105 at age 64 ?
Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.
I.Q. is mostly genetic. You inherit your I.Q. from your parents and family. This is so true that even with education you can only raise your I.Q. score 10 to 11 points.
In your later years, the way that we think and process information changes. It goes from fluid, which means that information is easily processed and absorbed, to crystallized which means that new knowledge is difficult to process but previous knowledge is more easily applied to practical matters. Intelligence tests as they are currently designed measure fluid intelligence very well. But they do not measure crystalized intelligence very well. As a result, when older adults take an I.Q. test, they appear to be losing I.Q. when in fact they may actually be "wiser" than their younger counterparts.
As we age there are physical factors that can change intelligence such as long term drug or alcohol use, circulatory issues and even undiagnosed nutrition problems. However, the majority of what we see as lowered I.Q. as we age is due to the limitations of testing and how humans think and reason as we age.
I hope this has helped you,
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