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Is it possible to touch my tummy too much??????? I like

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Is it possible to touch my tummy too much??????? I like touching my tummy...........but it's become an obsession.........................I need help
It is possible to have an obsession with touching your tummy if you feel distressed in any way by having to perform the action and it is not a pleasurable experience for you. And if you find that it interferes with your ability to relax or live your life in any way, then it is possible it has become an obsession.

You may want to talk to a therapist in order to get an evaluation. You don’t want to assume this is an obsession when it may not be. Talk to your doctor about a referral.

You can also learn more about obsessions to see if your behavior fits. Here is a link to help you:

To help yourself now, try distraction. When you have the urge to touch your tummy, get up and do something. Either take a walk, talk to a friend or find something to occupy your hands.

Also, try to think differently about your obsession. Say to yourself that this is a chemical imbalance that is causing you to feel this way so you are not at fault.

It can also help to find support. On line groups, friends and family are good places to turn when you are feeling the need to touch your tummy.

I hope this has helped you,

Can I help you any further?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'm not sure................this tummy obsession I have is driving me nuts! Everything about tummies is fair game. I've tried to get help, with little success so far.........sometimes I view this tummy obsession as a good thing, but mostly I don't because it's taking over my life.................have you ever heard of a tummy obsession before? Do you know of anyone who could treat my obsession of tummies?

I have heard of all different kind of obsessions before. It helps to realize that the target of the obsession (in this case your tummy) is not the issue. It is the feelings you have and the symptoms you suffer with.

While it may be pleasurable, you still feel bothered by it which means it should be addressed. Talking to a therapist can help a lot as well as medications. Between talking to someone and the medication, you can feel a lot better. Obsessions tend to be biochemical as well as behavioral so by going to therapy and taking medications, you cover both.


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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok, I'll look into meds......................thanks

You're welcome! Take care