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what kinds of medicine will help a narcissistic person. and

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what kinds of medicine will help a narcissistic person. and if someone really does not want
the help but is forced due to probation forcing them too, will it really help them. He also is bipolar. He has been diagnosed as both, has 3 felonies and is now out on bail after serving 5 months for beating my 27 year old daughter. HE PLEADED GUILTY BUT DID NOT WANT PROBATION, WANTED TO SERVE HIS TIME WITHOUT PROBATION AFTERWARDS, HAS HATED TO REPORT TO ANYONE, BUT THE JUDGE GAVE HIM 2 YEARS PROBATION AND TOLD HIM HE NEEDED TO WORK ON GETTING HIS LIFE IN THE CORRECT DIRECTION. they were together for 2 years, when this happened, but has been emontionally abusive to her since they met.
They have a 15 month old beautiful daughter and a new baby due any day. they are not married and he has wanted nothing to do
with her family or any social life at all. but has really used her for a place to stay at, transportation. am afraid he will try to talk to her now that is out. was released last thursday. I do believe she wants to talk to him. She says the babies need their daddy.
she has been totally manipulated. can you give me any advice?? you have helped me before and I thank you so much for that. Have a good day and a blessed Holiday.
Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.

It can be very difficult when you see a family member in a bad relationship, especially one where they are getting hurt. And it sounds like this is what is happening with your daughter. The man she is with sounds like he is hurting her emotionally and physically.

If he has been diagnosed with Narcissistic personality disorder and Bipolar, the best medication for him will probably be Lithium which helps to stabilize his moods. Personality disorders to not typically respond to medications but the symptoms do, especially if the person has symptoms like anxiety or depression associated with the disorder. Your daughter's boyfriend will most likely be forced into treatment because of his situation so the therapist and psychiatrist will do an evaluation to determine what treatment, including medications, will work best for him.

When trying to help your daughter, be sure to use "I" statements, such as "I feel bad when you...." It helps keep her from feeling defensive. And this allows you to express your concerns and have her hear you.

Since it sounds like they both will be living under your roof, you can set rules. Be sure to decide ahead of time what rules you want. For example, if they are living with you, they need to contribute to the income of the home. So make a rule that they give at least a certain set amount each month. And that they do certain chores, etc. That way, they know they cannot just take advantage but must earn their way.

Also, consider talking to your daughter about seeing a counselor, with or without you. She needs to talk to someone about her situation and why she continues to let this man into her life. Children do need their fathers, but the harm he is doing to her (and potentially to the kids eventually) is not outweighing the good. The kids will learn that harming someone is acceptable. And that is not good for any child.

I hope this has helped you,
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