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Steven Olsen
Steven Olsen, Therapist
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My father was is assisted living and lived on the lock down

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My father was is assisted living and lived on the lock down side because he had dementia. Is 24 hour care the mandate in a case like this?


My main concern is that he fell down and broke his hip. He needed partial hip replacement surgery.


Is the assisted living facility responsible to have made sure he did not fall down and break his hip?

Hello, I'd like to help you with your question.

I work for the Department of Aging in the Advocacy division and would be happy to answer your question.

Your father is in what is known as a secured unit. These units have special waivers to operate within personal care and assisted living environments. As a result, they have a higher standard of care than someone in the "regular" side. This means that patients must be monitored more strictly, including where they go within the unit. If your father fell in an area where he should not have been or toileting, you may have reason to pursue further investigation.

However, where you should begin is to contact your local Area Agency on Aging Ombudsman unit and notify them of the circumstances so they may do a complete investigation. Further, the local department of public welfare residential licensing office can also look into the circumstances to see if the accident involved any regulatory infractions.

Twenty four hour care is not a mandate in these circumstances, but higher levels of monitoring are. The standards vary from state to state which is why you should speak to the Ombudsman and Department of Public Welfare residential licensing office.

Hope this helped,
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