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I think i need help, every time i drink i cant help myself

Customer Question

I think i need help, every time i drink i cant help myself taking cocaine. I have suffered from depression in the past and obviously this is only making things worse. What can i do

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  psychlady replied 4 years ago.

The first thing to do is to ask for help. This is a positive first step. Identify the resources in your community that exist for you. This could be a mental health professional who can address the depression and the triggers that lead to self medicating that depression in your area; you can find a professional by logging onto the American Psychological Association. Sometimes when the disorder is addressed the drug use begin to be unnecessary. This is often the case when one is aiming to decrease mood issues. If this is more of a drug problem then identify places that help those with chemical addictions. If you believe that your primary issue is that you are an addict more so than a person medicating depression then there are places in any community to educate and treat the addict. If you believe that you cannot refrain from using drugs you can also find NA meetings in your area. Even if you are a recreational user, you can gain much support from others who have time invested in their recovery.

You should educate yourself on the issue of drug use in order to self medicate mood disorders. There is a growing wealth of information online on this subject. Drugs will exacerbate mood swings due the impact on the brain. You may be experiencing the changes in positive mood only to see that this offers a drain on the chemicals in the brain that make us happy. Reach out to professionals in your community and act as your own advocate by becoming more aware of the cycles that feed your addiction.

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Expert:  Dr. L replied 4 years ago.
I would like to help you with your question.

The previous Expert did not seem to understand that you are from the United Kingdom and that the resources she provided are inappropriate.

One of the best sources for help with alcohol or drug addiction is Addaction. Please see their website for information on where to find help:

You are correct in saying that using alcohol or cocaine is not going to help your depression. In their own way, the use of these chemicals will only leave you feeling more despondent, desperate, unhappy and in emotional pain.

The very best thing you can do for yourself is to seek the help of an organization like Addaction to address your use of chemicals. Addaction will be able to look at treatment options with you and to also help you with depression.

Please let me know if there is more I can help you with.
Thank you.