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Dr John B
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I have diagnosed with mild OCD can i treat myself without

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i have diagnosed with mild OCD can i treat myself without drug


Yes you most certainly can!

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is widely regarded as the gold standard therapy for OC and the National Institute for Clinical Excellence recommends CBT as an effective treatment for OCD, see here. Cbt is a psychotherapeutic approach that aims to solve problems concerning dysfunctional emotions, behaviors and cognitions through a goal-oriented, systematic procedure. Treatment is technique driven, brief, direct and time-limited (normally 10-12 sessions). CBT is used in individual therapy as well as group settings, and the techniques are often adapted for self-help applications.

Start by taking a look at this self-help booklet here. If after working through that booklet you decide that CBT is an approach that suits you then I can recommend a book titled Coping with OCD: Practical Strategies for Living Well with Obsessive-compulsive Disorder and another book titled Getting Over OCD: A 10-Step Workbook for Taking Back Your Life. You can find both of these books here .

If after using a self-help approach you feel you haven't quite made the gains you want then you could also consider consulting with a therapist trained in CBT. Clinical Psychologists often offer CBT and you can locate one by contacting your national psychology association.

I hope this has been of some help. If you have further questions or would like me to clarify or expand upon any part of my answer please let me know. If not.....I wish you the best of luck!

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

even if it is Sexual ocd

in theory it shouldn't matter what the focus is.


Was my answer helpful? If so, please select ACCEPT. If not, let me know how I can assist you further so that I can be helpful.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

what is the reason for sexual obsessive compulsive disorder

Unfortunately there is no one clear cause for OCD. Like all mental health difficulties we consider it to be caused by a variety of factors. Fr example, genetic vulnerability, life experiences and even personality traits can all contribute to the development of a mental illness. The term 'diathesis-stress model' is used to describe why these illnesses are caused. Diathesis just means 'predisposition' or 'vulnerability' so the theory argues that if a person with a particular vulnerability is exposed to the right kind f stress then illness can occur.
Within OCD itself the obsession and compulsions are thought to be linked closely with anxiety, hence it being considered an anxiety disorder. Basically a person can become fixated upon a thought that causes them anxiety and they then develop compulsions to relief themselves of that anxiety. Unfortunately the compulsions reduce anxiety in the short term but tend to strengthen it over the longer term.
People tend to develop OCD around typical issues. For example, contamination by germs, safety, counting and sometimes unwanted sexual thoughts. Unfortunately we rarely know why a specific person develops OCD around a specific target but it is probably reasonable to assume it has some connection to some event in their life.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok i have sexual obseesive compulsive disorder always i see unwanted picture what is your advice

I suggest that you start using the self program I posted earlier and see if you are able to bring the images under control. If you are unable to do this successfully then I suggest that you consult with a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist to assist you with the treatment. CBT is often offered by Clinical Psychologists and you can locate one in your area by contacting your national psychology association.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

and it take a long time to be treated

A standard course of CBT usually ranges from 10 - 20 weekly sessions depending on the specific situation. So, you could realistically expect it to take 2 - 5 months. However, people usually begin to improve early in the process and you could probably expect noticeable improvement within several weeks.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

and the sexual image i see everday will go away

The goal of CBT for OCD is to reduce the intensity & frequency of symptoms. So, hopefully if successful you would be able stop the images.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thanks a lot just my final question is i had a very bad period in the last 6 months and a lot of stress this cause the HOCD and just i need to encourage me if i got all your advices can i come again and be normal as before

OCD like most of the anxiety disorders tend not to be chronic, that is, they come and go. While there are exceptions, most individuals find that their symptoms will intensify and diminish as their anxiety levels fluctuate. This means that there is every possibility that you will be able to bring your symptoms under control with the proper treatment. I strongly encourage you to try CBT as I believe you will get great benefit from it.
Good luck!
Dr John B and other Mental Health Specialists are ready to help you
I hope you're making some progress with the CBT.
If you have further questions or if I can ever be of assistance in the future please don't hesitate to contact me directly. You can do this by simply putting 'For Dr John B' at the start of any questions you post.