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I have many dreams of people shooting me. not every night

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i have many dreams of people shooting me. not every night but most of my dreams revolve around me getting shot, and then the rest of the dreams are me with a bunch of people and we are running from police, or other people trying to shoot us. Not on any drugs (illegal or prescription) and not drinking alcohol on a regular basis(when i do i'm not getting drunk). sorry added those so i could possiby get an answer that didn't involved drug or alcohol addition. I also talk outloud a lot in my sleep. wife can't understand what i'm saying most of the times. no sleepwalking, just talking and laughing, sometimes i sit up in bed and do this.
thank you for your time.
These seem to be dreams of persecutory nature. It would be important to note when they started to occur.
Repetitive dreams generally manifest in order to draw your attention to something that you're not fully dealing with/facing, or when there is an unresolved issue at hand.
The dreams can be seen in their symbolic representation. Being shot by others, could be associated with you feeling as though others are attacking you in some way ex: challenging your judgment, attacking your self esteem, sabotaging your life in some way ex: work, friendships, family, etc.
It would be important to also know what happens after you get shot. Do you find yourself dying, do you defend yourself somehow, do you remain invincible, etc.
Talking in dreams may occur both during REM and non Rem sleep. It could be a hint of a sleeping disorder but that can be confirmed or ruled out through a sleep study.
Think about what was happening in your life at the onset of these dreams and may be going on still at the moment.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

This last one that i had a couple of nights ago is the one that concerns me the most. almost all of them i come back looking for them to shoot them, however the one a couple of nights ago, i was shot in the side of the head and could feel(sense) the blood coming out of my ear, however did not see the blood and then my dreamed moved on to running and hiding from police and other people that are trying to do harm to us as a group not me personally. shooting happens to me, never anyone else and the rest of the dream is me protecting other people (people i don't know) from getting caught/shot from police or non police people. trying to sell a house, trying to get situated in a new house (been there since aug 1,2012) and trying to get a rountine which seems like a never ending story.

Being shot in the head could signify 1) threat to one's mental health (as though you feel your head exploding from all of the external stressors symbolized by the aggressors in the dream) 2) Feeling blood coming out of your "ear" could be relate to your belief of not feeling heard by others. Not only that, they're disregarding how it makes you feel in the end.
The other individuals involved (encountered in the dream) can represent others you're dealing with on some level. Yet, you are the main character and that is why they're not being shot at but only you. They feel that they can run (take the path of least resistance) to avoid problems. You on the other hand Michael, are seen as more of a rebel or threatening (making waves) and therefore the main target.
Persecutory dreams generally represent external threat to which your mind is responding while sleeping. Your brain is still trying to find solutions and a way out to problems encountered during your wakeful hours. It is as though you're running but can't avoid these issues.
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