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When I get told I'm an awful person or that I'm at what I do

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When I get told I'm an awful person or that I'm crap at what I do I hurt myself, because I am a bad person and bad people deserve to be hurt.
I don't feel that I can talk to my friends about my problems because whenever I try to they either push it to one side and tell me they're worse off than I am or that it's just a phase.
I have trust problems due to when I was 13 and was in a forceful relationship and was told by everyone around me that I could just get out of it and didn't have to do what he told me to do.
Because I can't talk to people I feel lonely which makes me want to have someone/something to look after.
I hate that I'm awkward and stick out all the time.
I get angry really easily and I'm not sure why half of the time. I thought they were mood swings but now whenever I'm in certain situations I swear a lot and have walked out of my cadet detachment twice in one night and have often wanted to hit out at people.
I have been told my self confidence/esteem is low and need to stop taking what people say about me to heart but each time I pick myself up someone shoots me down again.
When I get upset I get angry at myself which is why I hurt myself.
I need help.
Your symptoms are consistent with a mood disorder. Sometimes people who suffer from depression have irritability and feel very negative about oneself. If you couple low self esteem with this mood disturbance you will have feelings such as not valuing yourself and feeling that you are not worthy of positive things. When you are harming yourself this often is a sign of severe depression. Harming yourself is very dangerous and can lead to more severe ways to do this. This is extremely dangerous. Whenever you harm yourself you have taken this to the next level and should seek help. You can find a therapist several ways. You can visit the site for the American Counseling Association or the American Psychological Association. Consult a person within your family that will help you to get to a licensed professional. You cannot handle such behavior on your own. When you work on your self esteem you will find that you value yourself more and hurt yourself less. I urge you to also educate yourself about depression and how it effects your self esteem. You should do this immediately so that it doesn't get worse. You deserve to feel better. I also urge you to consult someone at school which would be very urgent. A school counselor can direct you go proper help
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