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If someone has BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and does

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If someone has BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and does not seek professional help or is in denial, will they experience a lot of ups and downs through life and be unstable?
Do you need to seek professional help for this disorder?

If someone has a personality disorder then they may not necessarily experience ups and downs but it is likely to be so. As with any disorder if one does not seek treatment then nothing will change. When one is in denial then they are actively resisting help and therefore whatever is happening will likely continue. Personality disorders do need to be addressed because the person often recreates the same patterns over and over. Without an intervention the person continues to perpetuate the dysfunctional patterns that they create over and over. The person almost begins to believe that this is normal. Unfortunately personality disorders are the hardest to treat because the patient is so resistant. They often don't believe they have a problem but instead that it is everyone else. You can only develop strong boundaries and not let them cross them. It is usually not a positive outlook when they don't want help. With help however they can be quite successful.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I'd like to ask you another thing..
This person is currently smoking pot everyday and has been doing it for at least 4 years now.
I've noticed that she is getting worse with some drama and how she behaves. She is in a relationship and is cheating on her partner and does not know which sex she likes the most women or men. She bounces back and forth from one to the other.
If she continues to smoke pot will she get psychologically worse? And to the point where she is not fixable. She has caused a lot of damage to herself and others.
When she is angry also she tends to scream and say really nasty things. Do people with BPD mean what they say when they are angry?

Pot will exacerbate most mental health problems. It changes the mood. Pot is a lesser drug but just as powerful when one has mental health problems. This can cause mood changes which is more of a problem. Her sexuality is on her. That may or may not be part of this. She has to commit to a process somehow so she stabilizes her life. Whether she is genuine about what she says is hard to say. Many people even without mental health issues say what they mean or don't mean what they say. It is on the person and how they behave when angry. I would focus on convincing her to get help where she would be happier. Don't give up. No one is unfixable! Just support her best you can and eventually she will be open

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