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Eleanor, My grandson who I mentioned in the above question

Customer Question

Eleanor, My grandson who I mentioned in the above question is still crying un controllably when he his mother leaves for work. He also cries because his father is working from home, and he has to come down and comfort him befores he goes back upstairs to work. The child screams at me and tells me to go home. He closes his bedroom on me. I try to ignore his screaming behavior and/or distract him. He is very a very strong willed child. His mother slips out when the child isn't looking. I don't have a voice with her. also, when the child takes a nap, he wakes up crying. You ask me if I could stay on?I said yes, but don't think that I can. This week I told her that he cried a lot, and she said,"Oh, he'll get over it. i want to tell her and my son that i want to help the child learn to soothe himself. I have given him his blanket, and lots of his favorite things to distract him. I want to tell them that what I am doing isn't working, and they to get another day provider that could be more helpful. What do you think?

Also, I have arthritis in my knees, lower back, and neck. Today I hurt all over. When we were at Macy's I  lifted him up, so he wouldn't run away. However, I let him down with instruction to stay with me. Of course, he immediately ran a way from me. I immediately ask the store for security to help me.They found him in

a chair at the other end of the store.

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Mental Health
Expert:  Dr. L replied 4 years ago.
Dr. L :


Dr. L :

I see that you have posted this to Eleanor. If you would like to wait for her, that would be fine.

Dr. L :

Otherwise, I would be happy to help you.

Dr. L :

This does sound like a very upsetting situation. You are trying to do your very best, ***** ***** are not getting any support from the parents. The three of you need to develop a plan to help this child or he will continue to cry uncontrollably until he gets his way. You are absolutely right in wanting to teach him to soothe and comfort himself.

Dr. L :

I am available to help you if you so desire.

Dr. L :


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