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I have had a lot of a difficult times recently, my partner

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Hi, I have had a lot of a difficult times recently, my partner left and my son while he was still a baby, there have been some loses ib my famiy I have to take full financial responsibility for the house, etc and have gone back to work full time. I am finding work very difficult and keep making mistakes which are getting me in trouble, the problem is I feel like I can't concentrate and my brain won't take in the information. I am very happy as a mum but I find working full time and then looking after home very difficult and I'm scared of the future. I have tried to talk to my boss but I don't feel he's listening so I try to put imA front but its horrible.

It is very stressful to balance many responsibilities and manage a family. You have to do what is right for your family. Being a single parent takes not only money but support. First figure out a work schedule that gives you the least amount of stress. This may mean working less than full time. You must find as much support as possible. This can come in the form of people you know and people you seek out with similar circumstances. This can allow you vent when the responsibilities get most stressful. You may also consider internet therapy so that you have guidance from a professional.

Be creative so that you have time to yourself. Sometimes single parents will swap babysitting and the cost is minimal. Use creative ways to bring yourself into contact with other single parents.

You may consider that you are suffering from situational depression. This can cause forgetfulness, fatigue, hopelessness, irritability, depressed mood and stress. You can seek a professional to help you within this situation until this stress is reduced.

Find ways to just be alone. This is important. If you have a few minutes to yourself then you can learn to maximize that to your benefit.

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