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psychlady, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
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Well.. Last time i spoke of my wife in a seperation, we

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Well.. Last time i spoke of my wife in a seperation, we still are but we go out and do some things togeather now, however when we do most of the time its short and sweet and i do appericate her giving effort. when we talk on the phone its just like old times, talking bout everything and just her tone is different. I still cant tell if we/she are trying to get back togeather because she still never wants to soeak of our seperation. No devorce has been ever spoken. Still more space and time?

More space and time is relative. If you sense that things are different you have to ask before you keep a door of opportunity is open when it is not. You have to have a straightforward conversation about this and let that guide your actions. If you think she seems more distant that may be the case or it may not. Only the two of you can determine what action to take. Maybe she is thinking about the fast because it is something special for her. Instead find time to talk about your plan and hers. If that takes a couples counselor then so be it. Asking her about counseling could indicate if she still has that hope in the future that you have. Sometimes problems just don't go away with time or distance. Find a way to address this with her. Then you won't have to guess.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

We have spoken about things and she says that i should just let things happen and see what happens.She has mixed feelings still and likes conversation with me and calls every night to talk, i think she still has hope at times.Then again i cant help but wonder what i need to say or do or act from time to time.

You don't need to do or say anything - just what you think is best. These things can't be defined. You need to go with instincts. Mixed feelings take time. If she has hopes then let things happen on their own your being honest but acknowledging the problems. You may find couples counseling helpful.
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