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Steven Olsen
Steven Olsen, Therapist
Category: Mental Health
Satisfied Customers: 1765
Experience:  More than twenty years of expertise in counseling, psychological diagnosis and education
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Why when my life has so much potential to be amazing am I

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Why when my life has so much potential to be amazing am I drinking every night?


I would like to help you with your question...

Your potential, intelligence, ability, creativity, social ability, etc can all be off the charts high, and you can still be regularly attracted to alcohol. Alcohol use tends to be exponential in some people as it has powerful genetic factors to it.

Please do not be discouraged about the fact that at some level you do not understand why you are attracted to its use.

Some of the most successful and creative people in history struggled with alcohol's pull. Some were genetically influenced. Some were depressed; some were both. But those who did well asked what you did here...why am I struggling?...and then they took action as described below.

What should you do?

This type of issue does best when it is supported by others who care about you and can help you keep this influence at bay. A great first step would be to talk openly and honestly with your family physician about getting support and assistance. Doing so is a sign of great personal strength and the results of this support can take the form of individual counseling, informal support groups and similar. This is best practice and I would recommend the same to my own family if asked a similar question. Family doctors know the best local resources for support and I would encourage you greatly to do this as a first step.

What not to do? Try to fight this on your own...or hope that it will simply go away if given enough time. Instead, approach this as you would any medical issue, with support and resources. Together, with assistance you can get to your full potential without alcohol's undue influence. Steven

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

would it help that an on-line bi-polar quiz said i had tendancies to that? When I voiced that to a friend who's husband is confirmed with this condition she said I had some tendancies.

Should I be seeking some professional help?

Bipolar disorder is one of the most over diagnosed disorders within clinical psychology. However, manic and hypomanic episodes (the elevated ones that cause unusual behaviors) could certainly explain some of this.

Best practice: Have a face to face assessment with a counselor. Although an on-line test may be a good start, nothing surpasses the accuracy of an experienced clinician's screening.

Yes, I would say that based on what you have said that it is a good idea to seek out some professional support...but I would suggest just telling the assessor, whether doctor or therapist, the symptoms and not a suspected diagnosis as you want a clean and accurate diagnostic impression with no undue influence.

But, take heart. In either case these conditions are treatable and you can get past them. Steven

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

So ultimately, given I'm in the UK, what you're sayiing is I should have a chat with my GP?


The way things work in the UK, the GP is the best starting place as they tend to help develop the treatment protocols, and a health screening will be needed as well.

I wish you the best in this and again, take heart. This can be resolved with support. Steven

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